NIXON – When sustainability meets innovation

NIXON – When sustainability meets innovation

As the health of our planet becomes more and more compromised, it’s crucial to consistently ask ourselves what we can do to help. It’s even more important that companies ask themselves the same question. With their new eco-friendly watches and bags, Nixon sure found their answer.

With their new H20 Yeah! sustainable program and a partnership with REPREVE® Our Ocean™, Nixon is still showing its lead in the eco-friendly department and we’re definitely proud to stock the brand’s new sustainable products in our stores.

For Nixon, Innovation isn’t just about designs or technology, it’s about turning your favorite products into sustainable items that won’t just bring you style and function, but that will also help the planet on which we live.

Over the past few years, Nixon have been making a significant effort to ensure that their products are sustainable and eco-friendly so that no unnecessary damage is done to the environment, especially the ocean. In order to do so, Nixon set the aim of finding more sustainable materials to build watch cases, bands, and movements. Thanks to Nixon’s H20 Yeah! technology and recycled plastic waste supplier REPREVE Our Oceans, this mission has been a great success. The proof: Nixon is now building watches and bags that are nearly entirely made of recycled materials.

H20 Yeah! and REPREVE

How can Nixon make its part for the environment? The H20 Yeah! program is Nixon’s answer to that question with the main goal being saving the ocean from plastic waste. Part of the program is made possible by the REPREVE Our Oceans organization. The initiative aims to take plastic that would otherwise end up in the ocean and repurpose it. These programs are able to create high-performing watch cases and bands using these recycled materials, making Nixon a leader in the eco-friendly products making. Also, Nixon use recycled polyethylene terephthalate wherever possible. This material comes from discarded single use plastic bottles, something that’s becoming more of an environmental issue each day. Nixon prevent these bottles from reaching landfill or waterways by giving it a second life by transforming it into watch parts.

To ensure that the eco-friendly watches are as sustainable as possible, Nixon makes sure that their materials are sourced ethically and in a planet-friendly manner. A company named Tide use Swiss precision to turn ocean bound plastic into versatile and sustainable base materials for Nixon to use in the creation of their surf watches. The watch brand also collaborates with Plastic Bank and Social Plastic to ensure that their plastic collectors receive a fair wage so that they can provide for their families.

Nixon also offers sustainable replacement watch bands if you are looking for an eco-friendly way to swap a band on an existing watch. At the end of the day, it’s easy to see that Nixon is always looking for new ways to be more friendly to the environment.




Incorporating sustainable materials in the conception of this watch, the inspiration behind the Light-Wave is the pursuit of a greener future. An eco-friendly watch combining progressive design with solar charging and recycled ocean plastic construction, making the Light-Wave a clean, green and reliable time-telling machine. Hardened mineral crystal resists the bumps and dings of everyday use, while the injected-molded case is both lightweight and durable, allowing you to keep your watch for a long time without having to replace it.

Epson solar-powered quartz movement eliminates the need for disposable batteries, while the recycled plastic case and band remove ocean plastic from the environment. So you know that when you get this watch, you get a lot more than just an amazing product. You get peace of mind knowing that getting said product had a minimal impact on our environment.


This model from the Nixon Staple collection features a striking gold-coloured plastic case that has been made out of recycled materials, of course! The chic and simple finish makes this eco-friendly model indistinguishable from any other Nixon digital watch, but the wearer can know that they have made an environmentally friendly fashion choice.

The watch has a customizable digital display, and the features include time, a perpetual calendar, a chronograph, a timer, a backlight, and an alarm. This model is water-resistant up to 100 metres (10 bar), meaning that it is suitable for some water-based activities. A reliable and precise quartz movement powers the watch, ensuring that the wearer can always keep perfect time. As for the style, the versatile black, rubber-blend strap gives the watch a classic, elegant look and ensures that this eco-friendly model will match any outfit.


As with all of the Nixon Eco-Friendly watches, this model has a case that is made from recycled ocean plastic. This is part of the brand’s goal to be more sustainable. The plastic that has been used to make this case would have otherwise ended up polluting the oceans, but Nixon have given the waste plastic a second life in the form of this clear green watch case.

The Nixon Siren model features a grey silicone strap that is fastened using patented Locking Looper to ensure it is secure on the wrist. With water-resistance up to 100 metres, this watch is perfect for water sports and the basic tide and future tide functions will keep any aquatic adventurers well informed. The Siren models have been precisely designed to be the quintessential surfers watch, using a combination of style, durability and function to make them the best possible surfing accessory.


More than just eco-friendly watches, Nixon also transposed its H20 Yeah! and Repreve technologies to their bags selection. In the same green line of ideas as the watch, Nixon’s entire line of sustainable backpacks and travel bags are made out of recycled ocean plastics.

With the help of REPREVE® Our Ocean™ and REPREVE® recycled plastics, the brand was able to provide the material for eco-friendly backpacks, duffels, cross-body slings, and even beverage holders.

By getting a Nixon Eco-Friendly watch, you don’t just get a stylish and functional watch, you get the satisfaction of doing something to help the wellbeing of our planet and oceans! Go check out our Nixon Eco-Friendly watch and bags selection at the link below!