Thinking about getting a new shred stick!? Well, this year is the year to fulfill your desires as playing outside will be the only way to actually do something this Winter. In this case, might as well have a snowboard setup that you enjoy. As simple as that!

We also know that snowboards can be expensive, so we selected our season’s favorites from Rome Snowboards making sure each product stays affordable. Stop hesitating and get equipped with new high performance Rome board and bindings.


Men's boards

The Artifact

Your Winter’s best buddy if you’re the type of rider who like to lap the snowpark all day! The Rome Artifact has been fully tested and approved in the world’s best snowparks and is already in the boards hall of fame in the snowpark department. With an all new Double Kick in the nose and tail for insane pressability, the power and snap of Stay Positive Camber and a new and playful shape, the Rome Artifact is focused on one thing: park annihilation.

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The Agent

This board is like an "all you can eat" buffet! It truly is an "all you can ride" snowboard. The Rome Agent is designed for riders who want a mellow flexing board that still holds an edge at speed and charges whatever kind of steepness that’s put in front of it. The board’s Fusion Camber keeps things calculated and responsive from early season hikes to sun-drenched spring afternoons with the crew.

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The Ravine

This one is a bit more expensive, but we love it so much we had to add it to our picks. This board truly offers the best of both worlds! A board with an All-Mountain Mentality, but with a freestyle playful flex. A chameleon of a board, the wider-than-average Rome Ravine features the new Directional Diamond 3D shape for a playful and buttery smooth ride. Chucking powder clouds, surfing sidehits and turning a good day into a GREAT day is what the Ravine is all about.

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Women's boards

The Heist

Smooth, but always sharp! We know our Quebec weather can be very variable and that's why versatility is a necessity in our province, no matter what the day brings. That’s why Rome designed the Heist with its Fusion Camber and a mellow flex profile. Built to shred powder, slide and jump in the park and to always hold an edge and push your riding on freshly groomed slopes, the Rome Heist is ready for war.

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The Lo-Fi

The ultimate All-Mountain war machine. The Rome Lo-Fi is equally comfortable charging groomers, dipping into the woods or slashing sunbaked slush. With the versatility of Rome’s Fusion Camber, a bossy flex profile and all-mountain sensibilities, this Queen of the Hill has just started to reign.

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The Royal

For beginner riders to advanced shredders, the Rome Royal will make your days on the mountain feel like a dream. The board is designed to help build confidence, boost sidehits and cruise whatever the day brings. With a soft flex and torsional playfulness provided by a Contact Rocker profile, this board keeps the good times rolling all-season long.

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Men's bindings

The Vice Bindings

Fully redesigned for this season, the Rome Vice is built for riders who want a lightweight binding with a freestyle friendly flex that knows when to grab method and when to lean into a crisp toeside edge. Armed with a new highback, upgraded ProGrip toe and UltraLight ankle straps, PivotMount for customization and an eye for unlikely features, the Vice is all in.

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The Crux bindings

The fan-favorite Crux is a minimalist style binding for riders who want to maximize every day on hill. With a super pressable highback complemented by the loose, surfy flex of PureFlex ankle and Pure Grip toe straps, the Rome Crux is everything you need to lap the park with ease and nothing you don’t.

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Women's bindings

The Flare Bindings

Built for women who want a smooth flexing, progression-oriented binding, the Rome Flare is a lightweight force to behold. A mellow flexing high back paired with Rome’s Asym Wrap creates a binding that dices corduroy, makes lightning fast adjustments and keeps the good times rolling all season long.

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The Guild Bindings

From early season adventures to midseason dumps and all the way ‘til the final melt, the Rome Guild has your back. With the adjustability of Rome’s PivotMount system, upgraded UltraLight ankle straps and ProGrip toe straps, the Guild is all about board feel and agile edge hold.

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Check out the rest of our Rome Snowboards and Bindings selection at the link below and SEE YOU ON THE SLOPES!!

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