In addition to high quality snowboard hardgoods, RIDE Snowboards offers some of the best outerwear in the biz right now. With our wide selection of outerwear from this epic brand, we got you covered for all your winter missions.



For RIDE, it's not about being the biggest... it's about being the best at what they do. Through the passion and dedication of all of RIDE’s associates, wheter they are riders, designers, employees or others, the brand has firmly established itself as a snowboard industry leader.

RIDE Snowboards officially started in 1993. meaning that the company has been working for more than twenty years now. When you think about it, it's just logic that quality and timeless products are necessary for a company to survive that long.


Creating new, improved and timeless collections year after year, RIDE went through the highs and lows of snowboarding for more than two decades and came out victorious.

With an ultra technical streetwear inspired winter gear collection including coats, snow pants, beanies, gloves and other accessories, the outerwear division of RIDE Snowboards will keep you warm and dry this winter. No matter how harsh the weather is.


With a wide selection of products made locally in the USA, RIDE Outerwear has never strayed from the brand's original goals:


Promoting technical innovation

Creating superior quality products

Following your dreams.


  • Waterproof materials offering s superior breathability
  • Water repellent coating
  • Fits for everyone
  • Taped seams
  • Core vents
  • Inner Lycra Gaiters


  • Snap Back Attached Powder Skirt,
  • Bottom Draw Cord Adjustment Inside Front Pockets,
  • Adjustable hoods, compatible with helmets
  • Velcro Pass Pockets
  • Adjustable Cuffs.
  • Premium materials

The pursuit of your dreams

 The third and final step of RIDE's goals is to encourage the pursuit of your dreams with their products. Doesn’t mean that RIDE gear will make you realize your dreams for sure, but it will certainly help you in the process.


Offering outerwear pieces that are good enough to get you out of your comfort zone, the RIDE winter gear will faithfully follow you in all your projects. Big or little.