Performance starts with BN3TH

Performance starts with BN3TH

BN3TH boxers are so comfortable that once you've tried them, feeling good in any other underwear is nearly impossible.

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BN3TH Underwear

You probably already know BN3TH without even knowing about it. It’s MyPakage underwear’s new name. That’s right, the brand that invented the boxers with a tri-dimensional front pouch! New name, new identity, same high-quality products we know and love.

Since its inception this Vancouver-based brand has been working to change men's perceptions about underwear, making them understand one by one that performance is as important at the crotch level as at any other level. After trying a pair of BN3TH underwear, you’ll seriously begin to think that performance starts straight from there!


BN3TH Underwear

Increased Comfort = Increased Performance.

You can be in the best physical shape ever, mentally prepared, trained and confident, but ultimate performance cannot be achieved with technical underwear difficulties. You absolutely cannot reach 100% when you’re adjusting, itching and unsticking the boys. If you’re a man, you already know that.

That’s why BN3TH reinvented the underwear game. They are the originals. All models are equipped with their patented 3-dimensional front pocket, the brand’s most iconic feature, allowing for a comfort and support level that no other underwear brand can provide. Try for yourself and you’ll see. Killing it at life is so much easier in comfortable underwear.

Technically advanced

The reason why BN3TH underwear allow for maximum mental and physical performance is because they are built with extreme care for quality and technical functionality.

Every item is made of high-quality materials such as Recycled Polyester or Tencel™ Modal. The fabrics used are soft, luxurious, moisture wicking and extremely breathable. The seams are flat and have been carefully placed to eliminate any sources of friction in sensitive areas. The bands are soft and comfortable but won’t roll or become loose over time. All this crowned by BN3TH’s patented 3-Dimensional MyPakage Pouch Technology™, lifting and separating your boys and allowing for a nice, comfortable snug feeling.

BN3TH Underwear

New upgrades

- Fabric is improved: more durable and slightly heavier.

- Improved waistbands. Super silky hand-feel and high-quality look.

- New colors, designs and trends.

- Unique product releases throughout the year.

BN3TH Underwear

Styles for everyone

With the name change, BN3TH has also renamed its product categories. They are now classified into three groups:

The Classics Collection: This collection includes all the models from the collections formerly called Weekday and Weekend. As its name suggests, these are classic, simple, popular and effective products. The kind of boxers you need at least 7 pairs of, one for each day of the week.

The Entourage collection: A perfect mix of action and design, the Entourage range feature unique patterns printed on fluid and hydrophobic fabrics made from 100% post-consumer recycled bottles. Their waistband is also wider to offer more support during active days.

The Pro collection: BN3TH's Pro products offer moisture wicking properties that keep your sweat wicked and your form tight. Reach for these the next time you’re on the move.

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