If it's about 5 degrees celsius here, it's at least 10 in New York City. Even if the City that Never Sleeps is less than a 7-hour drive from Montreal, the temperature difference between the two cities is impressive. It’s for this particular reason that the beginning of April is the perfect moment to go take advantage of the million spots the Big Apple has to offer.

It’s surprising that we don’t see more people from here hit New York City on a regular basis. It's so easy and accessible that you can go skate there for a day and come back to Montreal the same evening if you're really motivated. With its countless spots and its flawless public transportation system, no need for a car to skate New York. Your skateboard, a good backpack and your crew, that’s all you will need.

Keep reading if you’d like to know what’s the easiest way to go spend a few days in the streets of NYC without emptying your bank account and especially, without complicating your life.


To get there

Other than by car, which we don’t recommend, there are three public transportation options if you want to get to New York more or less quickly. For those who have the means and want to save time, there is obviously the plane. The flight takes maximum 1h30, but is much more expensive than the other two options. In addition, the wait in airports is often so long that at the end of the day, it will take you almost as much time as driving there.

If you have time in front of you and you like spectacular views, the train can be a good option. Train tickets cost around the same as the bus, maybe a bit more, but the scenery along the way is worth it. Comfortable and relaxed, the train has its advantages, but also has one major disadvantage. The trip lasts something like 12 hours... According to us, the following option is the best one.

If, like us, you cannot wait any longer to skate the Big Apple’s streets, the bus remains the most effective way with the best convenience/price ratio. For around $100, you can buy a round trip ticket to New York with Greyhound. The journey takes about 7 hours with a stop in Albany. Several buses travelling to New York depart from Berri station pretty much every day. If you really like to save time, we advise you to take the night trip. Sleeping in the bus is not the best, but it’s doable. You will forget about the ride when you finally get to New York early in the morning, ready to skate.

What to bring?

As you will probably be moving around for the majority of your trip, we advise you to travel light. Very light. Make sure you have shoes that you like on your feet, a crispy board setup and a bag full of clothes, including jackets and hoodies so you don’t freeze once the sun sets. Don’t forget, it’s not summer yet! With that, you have everything you need and will never be cluttered with too much material as you’re cruising around town looking for spots.




Get your public transportation pass.

Once you get to the train station, ariport or bus terminal, the first thing you need to do is get a metro pass. The price of the train ticket is quite high, but buy enough tickets for the time of your trip so you don't have to worry about transportation and will save a few dollars by buying titles for the whole weekend or week.

Where to stay

Because you don't want to be in New York without knowing where you are going to crash, it's important to plan a spot before you leave. The hostels in New York are quite expensive, but still are the best option if you're traveling alone or with one or two friends. If you are more than 4 people, the ideal is to rent an AirBnb and split the price.

To save money, pay close attention to the Brooklyn area and its surroundings. Easily accessible by subway from Manhattan, this is where you can find hostels and accommodation for much cheaper than on the island. What's cool is that there are a lot of spots in Brooklyn, and you are only a few subway stations away from Manhattan. Once you know where you're gonna stay, you're all set.

Finding Spots

To find spots, you have several options. First, you can go to the nearest skatepark and ask locals for directions. Here is the list of skateparks in the New York area. You can also take a look at some websites such as Quartersnacks.com, which offer a Spotbook including addresses, directions, spot photos. Etc.

If you prefer to be surprised by NYC's infinite amount of spots, pick a subway station near Downtown Manhattan, get off the train and take a stroll around town. You will come across tons of spots, guaranteed.