When a homegrown brand that’s making waves in the international streetwear business announces the arrival of its new long-awaited collection, we can’t do anything but be proud. Ladies and gentlemen, yes, we are talking about Plenty Humanwear.

Established in Quebec City since 2008, Plenty Humanwear’s name doesn't come out of nowhere. From design to manufacture, every Plenty collection is made here, in Quebec.

With an ultimate desire to create the best quality products, the Plenty crew is putting a lot of effort into encouraging the local economy by making local talent shine. Humble and unpretentious, Plenty is actually a really "Human" brand, in every sense of the word.

Plenty is inspired by skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding’s culture, but is also inspired but streetwear, fashion and all types of creative expression. Artists, musicians, photographers, designers; Plenty is a brand that promotes active and creative lifestyles.

The unique philosophy of Plenty is what’s making the brand what it is today. To put it simply, it’s about passionate people that do extraordinary things. And people who do extraordinary things must have clothes that are up to the task.

Inspired by road trips

For its fall 2016 collection, Plenty offers a range of products for men , women and for both that are perfectly adapted any active and passionate lifestyle, in the great outdoors as much as in the city.

To witness how the new Plenty collection was put to test, follow their crew through their most recent road trip.


Early in the morning, the bags are out. After a healthy breakfast, we're ready to go. It's very humid in the city, but that's okay. We had clothes to face all kinds of climates.


The road

The most essential part of a roadtrip is the road. Good music on the radio, good friends, comfortable clothing and a great outdoor destination in sight. The day is looking bright!


Hiking :

We arrived at the mountain and we walked up to the top. We had a great time chatting to enjoying the view from above. With new warm clothes Plenty, we did not even notice that the temperature had dropped drastically.


Groceries and motel

After a beautiful afternoon of hiking, we put on more casual clothes and went to the grocery store to stock up on food. Few beers and glasses of wine later, we were in our motel's bed.


Le retour

Before leaving the next day, we tested our new Plenty products one more time and went hiking earlyin the morning. Again, the Plenty clothes covered our backs with their strength, comfort and flawless warmth.


After having a memorable time in the country, it was time to go back to the city. But don't that we stayed inside when we got to our places. We put on some more urban Plenty gear and headed out to do the activities that excite us most for the rest of the afternoon.

This is Plenty’s Mentality!