We are always proud of brands that kill it in the local streetwear scene. This is why we want to introduce you to another well-known company from here and its new collection. An ultra stylish brand from the Quebec City area that has never stopped growing since its appearance in 2009. Ladies and gentlemen, Plenty Humanwear.



We can’t talk about local brands without mentioning Plenty Humanwear at the top of the list. An increasingly important player in the local and international scene who has just dropped its epic new collection in our stores.


Once again, the Plenty team has hit bullseye with an incredible collection that really gives us the taste of what Spring's all about. Among their wide selection of clothing, going from t-shirts to shorts and hoodies, hats and more, 4 outdoor jackets have come to grab our attention. Because it's officially spring and we can't wait to go play outside!

The Floral Souvenir Jacket:

This women's jacket, though rather simple, really represents what spring's all about. The colors, the brilliance of flowers that begin to grow again. The funky and floral touch on the back of this minimalist looking windbreaker will for sure make heads turn when you walk outside this spring. As they say, "Business in the front, party in the back"!


The Journey Insulated polar:

A key piece from the Plenty's Spring 2018 collection. This jacket raises the floral note a little higher with a colorful print on its entire surface that makes it impossible not to notice. All the details of this warm and stylish polar are designed to make you enjoy the season to the fullest.


The Sam Polar :

For a city getaway on a sunny April afternoon or for skateboarding when it's too hot to wear a coat, but too cold for a simple sweater, the Sam Polar fleece will always cover your back. We love everything about this piece. Its contrasting colors, its zipper at the chest, its look, but above all, its efficiency in the chilly weather. A Spring must!



The WestCoast Jacket :
In the spring, you can't really get better than a good old windbreaker to keep you cozy at all times. The Westcoast Jacket from Plenty, although minimalist, includes technical aspects that are really designed for those who do not like to stay inside too much. The jacket is warm, water resistant and treated with DWR waterproof coating, among others details. A jacket that you can always trust, rain or shine.


One thing is sure: Plenty Humanwear creates products that are as stylish and functional as any other international brand, if not better! So the next time you shop for new spring clothing, we strongly encourage you to try their stuff. Because not only will you end up with top quality and style products, but you will also support the local economy.