An example of simplicity, functionality and style. Reef's new Fanning Low is a true must-have when it comes to sandals. If you don't believe us when we say that this sandal is clearly one of the most comfortable, durable and functional in the world, keep reading. 


Designed to meet the rigorous needs of iconic surfer Mick Fanning, the Fanning Low sandal is able to adapt to all terrains and summer conditions. This new Reef sandal, while displaying a minimalist and sleek look, also offers an irreverent touch (just like Fanning himself) with its new thirst-quenching technology - aka - a bottle opener on its outsole!


Reef makes elegant, well-constructed and comfortable sandals and the latest Fanning Low are certainly no exception. With their minimalist design, they just look good everywhere you wear em.  In terms of materials, the Fanning Low sandals are made of rubber, leather and plastic.

Its construction is durable, comfortable and the sandal is easy to wash. With an air cushion under the heel, these sandals are made for comfort. It's just the perfect sandal for those long festivals or summer evenings at the park. The sandal is equipped with a perforated and padded lining for breathability and comfort, an ultra-comfortable EVA molded traction outsole, a 360-degrees air pocket under the heel, and of course, a bottle opener on the outsole to crack a couple cold ones after the session!

The Fanning Low put to test 

The Fanning Low sandal is designed to last for a long time. Inside or outside. It is also really adherent, so no worries when you have to walk on wet surfaces like a humid boardwalk or the side of a pool. The versatility of this sandal is also remarkable. It can be used to walk the streets of the city as well as to spend a day at your city's summer festival, and even more. Better, the sandals are also suitable for sports such as cycling or hiking. And finally, when it's time to wash them, just swing them in the washer and you're good to go!

General Impression :

The Fanning Low Sandal will become an essential part of your summer outfit and this, wherever you go. Many even claim that it's the best sandal they have ever owned. To chill on the beach between two sets of waves, to walk the streets of your city's downtown or even to jump on an outdoors expedition, these sandals can truly go everywhere. So, if you need a durable, stylish and fully functional sandal that will always stay comfortable, you can rely on the Reef Fanning Low. It will cover your back at all times, even when you least expect them to!

Don't hesitate any longer and get your hands on a pair of Reef's new Fanning Lows. Because buying this sandal is definitely not an expense, but a real investment!