For its spring 2017 collection, Adidas presents a series of apparel, footwear and accessories for men and women that are inspired by the culture and the typical New York City street style from the 90s.

The city that never sleeps has been a known destination for all that has to do with fashion, in America and even in the world. But beyond the fashion and glamour of NYC, this city represents the heart and the origins of today’s street style.


To give life to its latest collection, Adidas decided to pay tribute to the New York style and flavor pioneers with shoes and clothes inspired by the golden age of street culture in the city.

In the last years, technical apparel with a classic sporty look has returned to the forefront of fashion, both in skateboarding and in the mainstream world. To start off their tribute to the 90s New York City style, Adidas introduces its brand new clothing line inspired by sports and street culture.

The influences of the sporty style in the skateboard world go back to the 1990s, when riders began to see a need for technical clothing focused on performance, which was not available during the early years of this culture.

The spring 2017 collection for men and women includes T-shirts, windbreakers, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets,  hoodies and pants with a true East Coast urban flavor.

The good thing about Adidas gear is that the pieces are built with performant fabrics such as « Climalite », to ensure optimal moisture reduction and lightweight breathability. The color blocking options offered in the collection also provides enough style to please the biggest fashion enthusiasts.


To continue their tribute of the New York street culture of the 90s, Adidas presents a selection of shoes that reflects the way of life and the unique and eclectic atmosphere of the Big Apple during those golden years.


The Busenitz Vulc ADV

The prized signature signature shoe from Dennis Busenitz has been redesigned to give it improved boardfeel and flexibility. These skate shoes are made of durable suede to withstand the abuse skaters put their shoes through. Featuring a reinforced toe protection, eyelets designed to make your shoelaces last longer, ankle support collar and a look that fits perfectly with Mahattan’s busy streets.

The Samba ADV

The emblematic Samba re-imagined and transformed into a low-top skate shoe. These men's shoes feature a leather upper and a durable suede tip that resists the abrasion caused by flip tricks. The shoe includes an internal mesh boot that keeps your feet dry. Ideal to stay comfortable during often cold and rainy New York weather.


The spring 17 collection from the brand with the three stripes also offers comfortable and stylish shoes that will appeal to women who like to have a sophisticated yet street look.


The Gazelle

Originally introduced in 1968 as a soccer shoe, the Gazelle was designed with an elegant shape and sporty details that made it a classic and timeless streetwear shoe. To reflect the theme of the season, these women's shoes are a faithful reproduction of the 1991 Gazelle, with similar materials, colors, textures and details that make us feel nostalgic of the 90s.

The Flashback

It is by carrying the legacy of Adidas into the future that these women's shoes were designed. Inspired by the Dragon OG model, these shoes blend design details from the past and from today, making it a state-of-the-art shoe with a timeless classic look. A perfect running for strolling through the busy streets of Soho.