We’re proud to announce that Salomon’s snowboarding boots, bindings and shred sticks are now available at Empire! Not only these products are on the next level of style, performance and functionality, the brand’s snowboard gear actually represents one of the best bang for your buck we've seen.

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According to the Empire Crew, Salomon is a force to be reckon with and everybody is stoked on the products being available in our stores. Comfort, quality and performance levels are high and the price is amazing for high quality products like that. Even the higher end products prices are pretty mellow.

Some might still be conditioned to think that Salomon is a Ski ONLY brand, but that's not the case anymore. You got to know that the boards, bindings and boots are far from being low quality. Even with the low price, you can fully trust Salomon, no matter the conditions and how you use your board. To be honest, nobody is bummed on Salomon, it's almost impossible anyway! Every single person in the Empire Crew is hyped on the products, the team and, again, the low prices. 

The Snowboards

The Villain

Louif Paradis and The Villain break into another winter with this true twin freestyle park board. The Villain is known for perfect flex for locking into rails and presses, while the pop and stability make it a smooth ride on landings or high-speed groomers.

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The Sick Stick

With each size shaped to the exact specification of Wolfgang Nyvelt, the Sick Stick offers a premium feeling and ride experience in a wide variety of conditions. Grab the maneuverable 151 for tight tree runs, the 157 for all-mountain freeriding or the 162 for wide open turns and steep terrain. This one is a true ATV.

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The Huck Knive

Designed to handle whatever you throw at it, the Salomon Huck Knife was built for versatility. With precise edge hold and a responsive flex, park jumps, rails, side hits, and tree jibs are no match for this calculated freestyle board.

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The Pillow Talk

Designed for ladies and shaped by Wolfgang Nyvelt, the Pillow Talk utilizes a versatile Rock Out Camber profile and tapered shape which ensures maximum edge hold and floatation in deep snow. Did you know that our very own Boucherville store manager Tania is the National Ambassador for Salomon? Now you know! Even if she rides the park a lot with her Gyspy board, the Pillow talk is her top pick when it comes to freeriding!

The Bellevue

Designed for ladies who demand precise control across the whole mountain, the Bellevue offers unmatched float and maneuverability. From crisp groomers to bottomless powder, the wide waist width and Backseat camber ensures a stable ride that can handle all-conditions.

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The Boots

The Faction

No other boot at this price has a pedigree like the Faction Snowboard Boot. With Salomon’s focus on boot DNA—the fit, response, and durability is the deal of the decade. A Soft Flex paired with ZoneLock Lacing ensures all day comfort and support that keeps you exploring.

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The Pearl

The Pearl Snowboard boot's ZoneLock Lacing ensures secure closure with an easy pull. Ride in comfort all day with a soft flex and Salomon’s extra warm liner. Fit, convenience, and style delivered.

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The Dialogue Focus Boa

This one is a little more pricy, but well worth it!The Dialogue features a precise and heat moldable fit and a progressive flex for the rider focused on freestyle perfection. Salomon's Fit To Ride boot building process ensures instant out of the box fit and comfort. The Dialogue allows custom tightening and flex with the speed of Focus BOA.

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The Bindings

The Hologram

A freestyle focused design delivers unmatched comfort and top of the line tech. Our Boucherville staff Manager and National ambassador's favorite binding for all situations. A Soft Heelcup for lateral movement, and an asymmetrical flex for freestyle performance on any terrain. Vibe material for dampening, and a specially engineered highback for control and stability.

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The Rythm

The Rhythm binding offers a solid, unisex fit, response, tech, and durability as well as being the deal of the decade. The Rhythm has a forgiving flex for progression and performance at any level and in any condition to keep you riding.

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The Highlander

An all-mountain focused design delivers unmatched comfort and top of the line tech. ShadowFit's lateral flex for a natural feel and connection. The highlight is the innovative 3D geometry of the lightweight Minima 3D highback offering premium support and maximum control.

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THAT'S NOT ALL FOLKS! We got a bunch of other Salomon boots, bindings, and boards for you to enjoy! Click on the link below to check out our selection. We promise you won't be disappointed!