There’s a board for every type of ride, there’s a jacket for every type of weather and the same goes for boots, bindings and accessories. This week, our splitboard ambassador & snowboard enthusiast Sean Traer dives in the world of tech gear made for advanced snowboarding with Jones Snowboards, Volcom Outerwear and Now Bindings!

If you look at the products above, you’ll notice the price range is a bit higher than your usual snowboard kit, but just as you won’t go on a mission to space without a space suit, you won’t have fun in wild snowboarding conditions if you don’t have gear that was created to handle this kind of riding. If you still don’t see the point, keep scrolling to learn Sean Traer’s expert opinion on the subject.

On the board since 1998, Sean knows a lot about snowboarding. After developing a solid snowpark background and filming snowboarding videos in the streets with some of the best riders in Quebec, he moved to Whistler, BC, where he was able to experience the other side of snowboarding as he got into backcountry riding, touring and the technical gear it takes for that kind of boardin’.

After more than 20 years on the board, a deep knowledge in the streets and the park and an even bigger knowledge in anything backcountry related, he’s a reference for us and a lot of people. It’s pretty simple, when Sean’s stoked on a product, we are too!


Jacket: Volcom Guch Stretch - Burnt Khaki


“This jacket is my go to! Especially because of the 3 layers Gore-Tex fabric. With that material, you can always be sure to stay dry and warm in whatever conditions, which should be the number one goal of any technical jacket.”

Breathability, mobility, and ventilation are essential to comfort and performance while touring or riding in cold and snowy conditions. That's why legendary snowboarder Bryan Iguchi and the iconic Volcom brand joined forces to create a jacket that would meets these needs, and much more.

“If you have the proper layering under that jacket, I guarantee that you will never feel cold or wet, whatever the conditions.”


The jacket is lightweight, stretchy, made of GORE-TEX 3L and has a bunch of features that enhance comfort and functionality, like a moisture-wicking backer, fully taped seams, an integrated balaclava to protect your face, advanced safety technology and all the crucial tech features you need when you're hiking, splitting and shredding in heavy conditions.

"There's a lot of things you will need to stay safe in backcountry conditions, like a whistle if you get stuck in an avalanche. This tech jacket has everything to ensure your safety so you don't have to worry about it while you shred."

Bib: Volcom 3L Gore-Tex overall - Black


The 3L GORE-TEX overall Bib is your best bet for all situations where there’s a lot of snow. They are light, they are stretchy, they won’t ever let the snow get inside. The ultra-breathable fabric is not only lightweight and durable, but it features Volcom’s articulated fit for complete freedom in steep couloirs and infinite powder fields.

“The fit of these snow pants is very ergonomic and the stretch is crazy good. With these on, you’ll be able to make long strides up the hill on your split just as good as moving in deep piles of powdery snow without ever feeling stuck in your pants or blocked by a lack of elasticity”.

Thanks to the pants Neoprene jersey at side waists and adjustable elastic suspenders, the fit is one of the best we’ve experienced and work seamlessly under a jacket. The pants also features fully sealed seams and Volcom’s zip tech® jacket to pant interface to keep you dry in the heaviest conditions.

“Just like the jacket, these pants were made to have your back in tough conditions with 3L Gore-Tex.



Board: Jones 154 Mind Expander


“The look is epic, the surf shape is dreamy, but the best thing about the Mind Expander is that even if it’s considered a pow board, it can easily become an all mountain board.”

In fact, the Mind Expander was created by legendary riders and board shapers Jeremy Jones and Chris Christenson to be able to mix freestyle, freeride and surf snowboarding styles. To be more precise, the board features a Surf Rocker profile, a 3D Contour Base 3.0 and a hybrid directional shape. It has a blunted nose, a full-size tail and tight sidecut to offer the maneuverability of a directional board matched with the freestyle abilities of a directional twin.

“It’s a directional board, so not ideal for the snowpark, but other than that, you can ride just about everything with the Mind Expander, from the resort’s slope to the fluffy backcountry powder.”

The Mind Expander also features a Bamboo Surf Core and Basalt Power Stringers for better edge response and Rounded Recycled ABS Sidewalls for improved topsheet durability. There’s also a new feature in the 2021 Mind Expander: a Sintered 8000 base and Carve Pack inserts that offer the option of a more centered stance for riding hard packed snow.

Jones Mind Expander snowboard

Bindings: Now Pilot


“For me, this binding is the best for a lot of different reasons. First, I like the fact that it is stiff. The high back is sturdy and allows for a lot of response in the pow as well as on the slopes.”

The Pilot from Now Bindings is a performance driven binding and as opposed to a looser park binding that will forgive a lot, this one offers more response and aggressiveness. Meaning the bindings can offer a next level amount of control.

“The Pilot, among other Now Bindings models, have a technology that’s called Skate Tech. Basically, Skate Tech makes the binding act like a skateboard truck and allows the rider for precise turns without effort. I also have a background in skateboarding and the feeling of turning with that binding was super familiar and natural for me”

In fact, the Skate Tech system was inspired by how easily and efficiently a skateboard turns. The “Hanger” powerfully transfers energy input from the straps to the bushings and onto the edges of your board. The Kingpin acts as a lever that magnifies the energy. To make it simple, They simply transfer more power to the board with less work, meaning your feet will stay more relaxed and comfortable for a longer period.


Boots: Vans Hi-country & Hell Bound CLICK ON THIS LINK TO SHOP →

Goggles: Oakley – Line Miner CLICK ON THIS LINK TO SHOP →

2nd Layer: Polartec Hooded Full Zip Polar Black CLICK ON THIS LINK TO SHOP →

Don't forget that tech gear wasn't created to be flashy or to flex your wealth at the resort. This Jones board, Now bindings and Volcom jacket and pants might be a bit more expensive, but are essential for some tougher snowboarding situations. As our guy Sean likes to say: "Just try to go on a backcountry mission with an inadequate board & jacket, you'll end up struggling all day and I guarantee you won't want do it again".

Now you know what to do if you don't want to be the person who's always behind next time you go shred the road less traveled with your crew!