Vans Skate just came up with another banger: The Kyle Walker Pro 2. A shoe that was designed to fulfill the demands of skateboarding’s top athletes and to support cutting edge progression on the board. Tested and approved by none other than Thrasher Magazine’s SOTY 2016 Kyle Walker, this one truly checks all the boxes. We know, we tried it ourselves!

First impression:

Vans latest Pro Skate signature model is the definition of “ready to skate”. We’ve been skateboarding for a long time and trust us, a shoe that feels good straight out of the box is very rare. The Kyle Walker Pro 2 is definitely part of the select few that are just easy to deal with and ready for some skate action from the get go.

One of the things that was the most striking about the shoe is how good our first flicks were. If you skate, you know a new shoe always needs some break in time in order to have that perfect flick, sometimes a few sessions are even necessary to reach that point. Not with this one though. As soon as we started skating, we realized our kick flips were just as good as usual, which says a lot about a shoe. If you’re feeling the first kick flip you do with a new shoe, it means you’ll have a good time skating it.

The general feel of the Kyle Walker Pro 2 was banging. The shoe is nicely padded and has a Wafflecup outsole, offering one of the best board feel and foot support we’ve seen in a while. We all know that sometimes, a little more cushioning doesn’t hurt, especially if you like to jump down big stuff like Kyle Walker.

The boardfeel is good from the get go and the grip is on point, thanks to Vans New Sickstick rubber compound, the grippiest rubber sole in the game right now. The shoe has great padding at the ankle, a smooth and cushioned PopCush insole and a nice elastic thong, making it super comfortable, easy to wear and able to always have your feet's back if you like to jump down stairs all day.

The Look

There’s no doubts about it, the shoe looks great. It has that original Vans flavor we all like with the Sidestripe and the Waffle sole, but is updated with new features that make it look very easy on the eyes, like the wide velcro strap that stands on top of the shoe, replacing the laces.

The shoe reminded us of the Slip-On and the Kyle Walker Pro 1, but the look is definitely updated and a bit more tech than your usual Classics. That being said, the Kyle Walker Pro 2 is still small and simple, giving it a nice flair and a good feeling when your feet are on the board.

Available in Black/White, Antique/White and Port/Walnut, you’ll most definitely like the look of the shoes when you look down at them. Another cool thing about this one is that as well as being perfect for skating, the Kyle Walker Pro 2 looks neat and proper enough for all your day to day activities. With pants or shorts, to skate, chill or work, these look good in any situations and with any type of gear.

The technology

Sure the shoe is great for skating and is good looking, but there’s a reason for all that. Let us explain what’s behind the Kyle Walker Pro 2.

WaffleCup Outsole

The type of outsole everybody should skate! A combination of vulcanized and cupsole that offers the best of grip, durability, boardfeel and support. This sole provides enough protection to absorb big impacts and offers enough boardfeel for you to like the shoe from the first time you put it on.


A new and improved gum rubber compound created to allow maximum grip and traction. Definitely one of the grippiest rubber ever made, if not THE grippiest. Tested by some of the best skateboarders in the world, this new compound is only available in the Vans Pro Skate shoes division.

PopCush Insole

That’s right, a sole that can absorb the most ridiculous amount of impact and that gives you a custom energy return. This one is a must and works for any type of skater! Whether you like to skate big drops, ledges, or slappy parking blocks, these insoles will have your back.

Duracap Underlays

The reason why your Vans last forever. The Duracap Underlays are basically layers of extra protection that are located in the high abrasion areas of the shoes. With that, it’ll take more than a few kickflips and ollies to tear a hole in your kicks. It will also allow you shoes to stay solid and sturdy instead of getting softer after every session.

We had a great session with the new Vans Kyle Walker Pro 2 and we’re sure you’ll do too. Highly recommended!