When Monster Energy gave us the green light for a skate activation of our choice, the first thing that popped in our minds was Casey McDonald's ramp. Thanks to Monster for allowing us to skate Casey's skate paradise, the session was one for the books.

Deep in the corn fields of Lancaster, Ontario, lays one of most insane skate terrain on the East Coast of Canada. Casey McDonald's ramp isn't like anything you've seen or skated in the past. It has all the features of a full skatepark, but everything's connected together, forming one massive and unique ramp.

It's crazy to think that Casey built this whole thing himself using wood that came straight from past job sites containers. That's right. All the wood that was used to build this beauty is leftovers. So yeah... This ramp isn't just every skater's dream, it is also eco-conscious!

When we got the GO from Casey and Monster, we gathered a crew consisting of some of Quebec's finest boarders and drove to Ontario for a very memorable late season session. With the likes of Charles Deschamps, Nic Custeau, Morgan DT, JS Tremblay as well as other Empire family rippers, we knew this session would be a fun one.

We knew Casey's ramp was amazing, but when we got there and saw it in person, we were speechless. 

If this was a painting, it would be titled: "Skateboarders in the wild discussing lines".

The Step up was a favorite from the get go. Kinda hard to skate, but the boys got used to it quick. Here's Charles Deschamps with a buttery fs flip à la Muska.  

More dudes started to stack on top of the roll-in to experiment with the quick step-up. 

In the meantime, Casey started to skate it the opposite way. Tweaked melon from the ramp into the step-up. 


Custeau in the house! This kid's style is on point. 

Here he goes with a steezy front lip over the Monster Sticker. 

Frank G. Blunt fakie with the drip. 

All-star Marketing coordinator Gab Morin with the BSTS on the A-Frame. 

Morgan DT is a damn ninja. Fakie tre noseblunt like nothing. 

And a nice fs flip for good measure. 

Casey is older than everyone else, but is still shredding harder than everyone else. As some of us got tired, Casey kept shouting: "Skate 'til you die kid".

Beautiful Sunset at the McDonald compound. On to the night session! 

Casey, still ripping. Smith grind on the rainbow rail. 

The youngin's started to riffle tricks on the bump all the way to flat. JS with a steezy V-Bomb.

You can't really tell on this photo, but this was a flawless kick back lip. Shaolin style. 

Vaudreuil ripper Sebastien Gendron with a large tre bomb.

Custeau closing things out with a buttery hardflip on the bump to Flat. 

Once again, thanks to Monster for making this possible and to Casey for inviting us to his dream land! Hope to visit again soon!