It’s crazy to think that five years ago, getting a good skatepark in the province was something we could only dream about. It’s such a good feeling to see that now, there’s a dozen new concrete parks popping in an around the city every year! The Brossard park is one of them and you absolutely need to go try it!

The city of Brossard invested more than a million dollars into its new skatepark and hired the Spin Skatepark crew to design and build it, making it one of the most diversified and functional skateparks in the area. The ground is super smooth, the layout of the park is nicely done and above all, there’s so many different types of obstacles in this park that it will take quite a few sessions to figure all of them out.

The park is situated right next to a few restaurants and corner stores and is also easy to access by car and public transportations. A short 20 minutes drive from Montreal and you’ll be skating the glorious Brossard concrete. We definitely recommend you hit this park as soon as you can.


Brossard Skatepark’s new street section is very sick and offers a lot of different options to explore. Like we mentioned before, there’s actually so much stuff that you won’t even be able to experience it all in one session. There’s a bunch of street obstacles distributed randomly around the park, some of them even mixed with transitions, but there’s also 2 major street lines that are both very nice to shred.

On one side of the park, you have your usual street line where you can drop down a bank, skate a medium sized down rail or hubba and keep going on the flat bar/ledges area. The ground is smooth and the obstacles aren’t too big, making it easy to have fun no matter your skill level. This section also includes a tight transition over grass, a smooth A-frame with a rail and a ledge as well as a small step up.

On the other side of the park, you’ll find another type of street section consisting of a long manual pad with mellow down rails and out ledges. This area seems to be less skated than the other street section of the park, but the place is still so new and filled with different stuff, we’re sure people are going to start experimenting this side of the park within the next few weeks. The best thing about Brossard is that it’ll take a long time before you get tired of skating the park. You’ll always find new options to mess around with.


Just like the park’s street obstacles, there’s a bit of transitions features distributed everywhere in the park. There's a place where the transitions concentration is bigger, but this area seem to be there to help you flow back into the park more than to skate as a spot itself. The best transitions are randomly placed within the park’s street obstacles and we had a blast experimenting all the funky stuff the park has to offer.

What we really like about the park’s transitions aspect is that most obstacles are kind of weird and very unique. There’s some funky obstacles like a hip with an upside down electrical pole that you can jam on, there’s a weird double spine going up in the shape of a whale’s tail, there’s an over vert wall and there’s even a quarter pipe that goes all the way around a huge planter.

Another cool aspect of this park transition wise is the mini-ramp. The ramp is isolated from the rest of the park and is the best to start off your session. For real, there’s nothing better to warm up than a nice and small mini-ramp. This one is actually super fun to skate and will get your blood flowing in no time.


Don’t get us wrong, the Brossard park is super sick and you’ll definitely see us there a lot this Summer, but it’s a fact that the Park’s flow isn’t the best one we’ve seen. That’s mostly due to the fact that some lines are cutting others. This can make it a bit scary for a kid who’s trying to learn how to skate when there's experienced skaters skipping through the lines whith speed.

That being said, there’s also a lot of good things we can say about the park’s flow, like how each corner of the place has something to keep your rolling. You have a massive bank on one corner and a huge roll-in on the opposite one as well as a bunch of transitions (including the over vert wall) on the other side of the park, making it easy to flow from one side to the other with speed. In between all that, you got speed bumps, spines and all kinds of smaller features to help you get your speed back while cruising through the middle part of the park.

Looking back, the flow is actually not bad at all! As long as you make sure to look where you going, you’ll be able to enjoy the Brossard park’s funky features with a great amount of speed and without pushing too much!