Skatepark review: Longueuil's Christ-Roi Skatepark

Skatepark review: Longueuil's Christ-Roi Skatepark

As the saying goes, the best things often come in small packages. Well, that’s the case for the Longueuil Skatepark. Pretty small and basic compared to all the new parks that are popping up around the Montreal Island, this is one of the most fun park we’ve skated in a long time. If you’re not convinced, keep reading. The park might look like nothing at first sight, but we guarantee the trip there is totally worth it. Especially for three particular obstacles.

This park is far from being perfect, but sometimes that’s not the most important part. In fact, even if half of the park is not really skateable, there’s some obstacles that you will for sure enjoy. Small obstacles that will appeal to both beginners who want to learn and experienced skaters who want to skate and relax.

In terms of flow, the park is pretty well done. The obstacles lines don’t cross each other, allowing you to avoid collisions. The park is also easy to reach (about 15 minutes from the city) and is almost always empty. There’s also plenty of parking spots around the park.

This park is really special and so will be this article. We usually review parks for their overall feel and quality, but we’re going to study this one by only looking at the 3 obstacles that make the Longueuil park a great one.

The hip / ¼ pipe

If this obstacle was the only one at The Longueuil skatepark, we would still go there to skate it. A long, mellow and small quarter pipe on which you can grind and slide for days and that ends with the most perfect hip ever. Whether you like to do flip tricks or blast big airs on hips, you’ll love this obstacle. Not too steep but not too mellow, the hip and ¼ pipe are simple, but so fun. 

Let’s not forget to mention the small corner pocket, a fun and easy way to cruise through the park without losing speed and a fun obstacle to shred itself. This little part of the park is so fun we could skate it all day!

Like we said before, this isn’t the most next level park we’ve seen, but once you get there and you take some time to shred the quarter pipe and hip, you’ll totally understand why we like it so much and why we sometimes go there only to skate this obstacle.


The A-frame

You’ll probably wonder why we chose to put a regular A-Frame obstacle into our selection. The reason is simple: This A-Frame is small and very fun to skate. The kicker is mellow and the rail is so low that you can do it from flat if you want to.

We like this obstacle because it gives you a great feeling without being too hard to skate. A perfect obstacle to learn new tricks or take your latest flat bar trick on something a little gnarlier.


The flat bar / manual pad

We could seriously skate the Longueuil park’s flat bar for hours! The rail has the perfect height and is long enough to force you to learn how to grind or slide your tricks for real. Every skatepark has a flat rail, but this one, when waxed good, is very buttery.

The manual pad is a classic one, nothing too special about it. That’s exactly what we like about manual pads. Simplicity. Like the other obstacles in the park, the manny pad is low and perfect to learn new stuff!