Skatepark Review : Papillon Skatepark’s new ones

Skatepark Review : Papillon Skatepark’s new ones

If you didn’t already skate one of Papillon Skatepark’s custom built skateboarding playgrounds, you’ve definitely been missing out. Educating the province about our skatepark situation one town after another for almost 10 years now, the young skater owned company doesn’t seem to be about to stop. With a handful of new flawless parks built every year, let us keep you up to date with the latest realizations from Papillon Skateparks Inc.



Located at Valcartier’s military station in Shannon, Papillon’s latest park in the Quebec region is an essential if you’re in the area. Simple, good looking and Including all the obstacles a skater needs to progress while having fun, this one is truly awesome and ideal for beginners as well as experimented skaters.

The park's flow is very easy to understand. Since there’s almost only two directions you can take, there’s not much chances of you running into another skater while you shred. The park is super easy and smooth to cruise around. *** The red paint on the ground isn’t made to be followed, but gives you a great idea of how to move through the park.

The street section is amazing and very well mixed with other types of features like transitions, making it easy to flow through the park without much effort. The ledges, rails and street obstacle’s sizes are medium, allowing beginners to learn how to jump on them and experimented skaters to learn new tricks they might not try on bigger obstacles. The Valcartier street section is perfect for learning and progressing and last but not least, is super fun to shred.

The transition section is simple, but very effective. With a wide quarter pipe at its end, a smooth transition section on the side that can be used as a mini ramp as well as a big bank to wall feature, even the die hard transition skaters will get their fix at this park.



The most recent Papillon Skatepark’s project in the Lanaudière area, and it’s another banging one. Without being the craziest park with the biggest amount of obstacles, the place has got everything a skater needs to have fun and progress on his board. This one is a perfect example showing that hiring someone who really skates is how you make great skating facilities. Just by looking at the obstacles angles, the general setup and the lines, you can see that the design comes from a real skateboarder. Trust us, you’ll get the full feeling when you get to skate it.

The flow is just like most Papillon skateparks desings, where skaters roll parallel to each other, making the course easy to figure out and safer for collisions. No need to worry about scooter kids or unexperienced shredders, you’ll all be rolling in the same two directions anyway.

The street section at Saint Gabriel is another example of how you don’t necessarily need the craziest setup to have fun in a skatepark, you just need the right obstacles at the right place. The guys at Papillon Skateparks are experts in that field as they’ve all been skating for 15 + years. They know what they are doing and it shows.

The transition aspect of this park is also very sick. With a long and mellow quarter pipe at its end, you’ll be able to grind or slide for a long time and also to learn new transitions moves as the quarter pipes aren’t too gnarly. Just enough to give you a great feeling without being scary at all. Other than the wide QP, the parks got another smaller quarter pipe that’s placed right in front of the wide one, making it possible to use it as a mini ramp or just a great way to do a couple transition tricks before barging back into the park.



Papillon Skatepark’s Crabtree project is one of the coolest parks in the area, especially for kids and beginners. Not saying experienced skaters won’t have fun there, not at all, but the obstacles are tiny and perfect to learn. We love to see young talents emerging from new skateparks and this one will definitely help. Prepare to see a whole new breed of skaters coming out of Crabtree soon.

The flow is smooth and easy to figure out as it is very linear. With transition sections on both ends of the park, it’s easy to just cruise from one side to the other without risks of running into someone else.

The street section is smooth, small and fun for any level of skateboarding. Rails, ledges, manual pads and banks of all kinds, you’ll find something fun to skate at Crabtree no matter what your skate style is. There’s even a nice spot in under a tarp where you can practice your manuals on a nice and short manual pad or just hangout in the shade when it gets too hot out.

The transition section isn’t the biggest one, but is perfect for those who want to learn how to drop in or learn new quarter pipe maneuvers. The wide quarter pipe at the end of the park is smooth and has 3 different heights so kids can learn how to drop in progressively while experimented skaters can go up or down the coping for extra gnarly points.


There’s many other parks we’d like to talk about that were built by our good friends at Papillon Skateparks, but let’s make the fun last and see you later this summer with another update. In the meantime, SEE YOU IN CRABTREE, SAINT-GABRIEL OR VALCARTIER!