Beach towels are often underestimated, but the truth is, when it comes to drying out, some towels only seem to spread out the water on you while others actually dry you out really good in no time. Slowtide beach towels are part of this second category. And they look really good too.


When you think about it, a beach towel is way more than a simple accessory. It’s an essential! And if they are that necessary,  might as well own a good looking one! Slowtide got you covered with high quality towels that will stand out from the rest when you hit the beach, the lake or even the park for a nice lunch in the grass.

Inspired by all bodies of water and love for art, Slowtide is a collaboration that was born from three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. They dyed fabrics, mixed paints, manipulated pixels and collaborated with multiple artists and photographers to finally create the brand we know today. Based in Hawaii and California, Slowtide is a melting pot of artistic minds and ties together a strong sentiment for both water and art.

With a great deal of creative experience in the action sports industry, Kyle Spencer, Wylie Von Tempski and Dario Phillips began creating a line of personalized, painted and finely designed beach towels. Without forgetting about the multiple collaborations with artists and photographers who share the same interests as them.  Slowtide's creators don’t see their products only as beach towels, but also as a way to showcase art pieces of all kinds by giving a new medium to the artists that surround them.

 '' Our main goal is to have fun and enjoy the process of creating a new artist medium for the accessory market. ''

Dario Philips, Slowtide’s creator

From collaborations with surf sites as popular as What Youth to their product’s introduction into renowned stores around the world, Slowtide has gradually made waves with its top quality towels. Again, we consider ourselves privileged to be part of the retailers that are authorized to carry products from this epic Brand !

Above all, Slowtide towels are crafted with form & function in mind. Soft-hand, sheared cotton velour face plays host to vibrant prints, while equally complemented by a plush and absorbent looped terry back. Eye catching designs, fast drying and the ideal travel accessory for any adventure.

With attractive designs, fast drying capacity and comfort that will make you forget about your old beach towels, Slowtide towels are an ideal accessory for all your wildest adventures.