As the Dalai Lama once said: "The purpose of our life is to be happy. " Trust us, Spy Optics understood the meaning of this epic quote . The new Happy Lens from Spy, a new technologic lens that will simply make you happy at all times.

Winter is at our door, and that means one thing: It's time to take your snowboard out of the garage! Whether it's your goggles for the mountains or your glasses to get to the mountain, you need quality lenses to protect yourself from the sun and to see in front of you.  For that, the Happy Lens from spy have your back.

 There is no better way to enjoy the winter than to be playing outside. With the Happy Lens, you will realize that the winter season can easily become a moment of pure happiness.

See better; be happier


 Who has never had a difficult time on his snowboard because of limited vision through the lens of his goggles during a storm? What about the blinding light of the sun reflecting on snow that blocks your view while you go down the slope. With the Happy Lens, you don't need to think about about those problems, you can just concentrate on being happy :)


With it's ability to lighten the colors and set contrasts, you will never have trouble seeing what is in front of you, no matter the conditions.

The Happy Lens is powerful enough to block the bad sunlight, but still let the rays that are beneficial to us in.

Therefore, the Happy Lens by Spy Optics allow your eyes do not get tired and, in doing so, you will avoid fatigue too.

Three lenses to be happy in all conditions


 For it's collection of snowboard goggles, Spy decided to put at our disposal three types of lenses, for increased performance in all situations, sun or dark, night or day.

As if that was not enough, the Happy Lens Spy lenses are easily interchangeable, so you can  always match the light conditions.

Mixed :

The lens is dark enough to protect your eyes from the sun, but offer a better definition of contrasts once the sun has set.

No sun :

The sun went for a little siesta, no problem! Flat-type Happy Lenses provide better contrast in less sunny times. The ideal lens to increase your visibility during the gray days.

Sun :

A darker lens and a powerful mirror to protect your eyes during the bright sunny days in the mountains.

Features that will put a smile on your face

  • Anti-fog layer
  • Scoop ventilation system
  • Arched lens
  • Confort foam
  • Compatible with all kinds of helmets