The result of the most recent collaboration between Oakley and Jeff Staple, two of the most iconic names in action sports and design, is an eccentric and controversial collection, a collection known for its versatility and ease of use. adapt to life outdoors in winter without ever losing a drop of style.

A limited offer of parts designed with Oakley’s own technology and functionality, but with the beautifully twisted vision of one of fashion’s most in-demand designers, Jeff Staple and his team at Staple Design.

Who’s Jeff Staple?
If you don’t know Jeff Staple and his New York design office called Staple Design, it’s important to know that this guy is a legend in his field. Having worked with a number of major brands like Nike, among others, it seems that every project that Staple touches turns into a hit story. He is one of those who took Nike SB to the top in skateboarding a few years ago with the redesign of the Dunks and other skate models, among others.

For Winter 18, the Staple Design team got inspired by snowboarding, mountains and snow to create their seasonal collaboration with Oakley. The Goal: Tapping into Oakley’s deep-rooted heritage in winter sports and technical wear and blending them with Staple’s urban and modern flavor. A flavor that only the Staple Design team can provide while remaining 100% authentic.

Inspired by the Winter
The Staple x Oakley 2018-19 collection’s design is strongly inspired by mountains and snow-capped peaks, something that Oakley knows on a level that exceeds that of a master. The brand has deep roots and an incredible experience in outerwear for skiing and snowboarding, so it goes without saying that the pieces of the Staple collection are not just aesthetically advanced, but also technical and functional like none other thanks to Oakley’s experience in the field.

Another point that characterizes the Oakley Staple collection is its urban flavor, a Staple design signature. Funky and sober patterns, modern shapes and industrial-looking colors, the gear’s got more style than your usual winter kits, for sure. The collection includes a number of clothing and accessories that will never go unnoticed, whether you’re walking in the street or bombing down the slopes at your local mountain.

The collection
The items in the collection include just about everything you need to protect your body from Quebec’s Winter freezing cold, presented with a new fashion angle and an undeniably refreshing style. The collection includes technical clothing such as a high-quality jacket for the cold days, urban looking gloves that will work on the slopes as much as in your car, a steely shoulder bag, classic beanies, neck warmers and suspenders that will support your snow pants during the ride as much as giving you a stylish and refined look for the après-ski.

The Oakley X Staple collection was basically created to help you enjoy the winter season outside with a maximum amount of style. For the final touch, the collection’s items feature an engraved “S75” as a direct tribute to Jeff’s year of birth. Versatile and technical, but also creative and bold, this epic collab will definitely become a winter 18-19 must.

If you don’t want to let the cold weather stop you from living your life to the fullest this winter, the Oakley x Staple products are for you!
WARNING! This collection is SUPER LIMITED! Shop our Staple X Oakley items in stores and online before it’s too late!