The future of skateboard trucks came before its time with the new ACE AF1, the most technical truck ever made.

The same Ace Trucks aesthetic and shape we already know and love, but upgraded on every level. The brand doesn’t call this one the most technical truck ever made for nothing… They have been redesigned and elevated to deliver game changing performances and they most definitely will help your progression. Every single detail on this truck has been thought out to take anyone’s skating to the next level!

All that being said, you probably wonder why this truck is the most technical ever made as it looks just like the trusted Ace Classic Truck. It’s true, but trust us, there so much going on with this truck that it’s almost 100% sure it will help with your skating. Let us break it down for you.


If there’s one thing you need to know about the ACE AF1 trucks, it’s that they are tough as nails. With a unique casting technique, the brand can make smaller and more uniform aluminum molecules, allowing for an integral aluminum structure that’s 70% tougher than your usual truck. The SCM440 steel axle is also pretty much indestructible, unbendable and will never slip on you, so you can fully consider this one a great investment.

If you skate, you probably don’t like to change your trucks. Rare are the people who do. The Ace AF1 durability will help you to keep skating the trucks you’re used to for a longer period of time, allowing you to really feel your setup as time goes without having to change and start from scratch.

In the durability department, The AF1 also has an upgraded baseplate with increased durability and a hand poured 96a urethane pivot cup that won’t crack under the impact. Now that’s what we call getting your money’s worth for a product. With its new golden and black colorways, this one also sure looks good


There’s a lot more to know about the Ace AF1 Truck, but this detail will get any skater’s attention for sure. Ace developed a hanger’s nut that has a rethreading system on it so you never have to worry about not being able to put that nut on, loose it or worst, having to change trucks because your wheels fall off your board due to nut problems.

With the rethreading nut, you can fix your hanger’s thread as you go and keep it mint for a longer period of time. This brings a lot of value to the trucks durability and to the fact that you’ll be able to use this one for a long, long time.

Like if this wasn’t enough, the Ace AF1 trucks come with a bonus hanger rethreading die, for those times when the rethreading nut won’t be enough. Keep it on your keychain and you’ll never have to worry about that issue ruining your session ever again.


As we mentioned earlier, the Ace AF1s axle is on the next level of durability and is made out of SCM440 pure steel. Not only the axle of this truck will never slip or break, but it has also been created to fit with your bearings to the perfection. The hanger has been machined to fill that purpose and to allow any bearing to sit flush with the trucks, therefore greatly reducing the risks of breaking or damaging your bearings as well as having crooked wheels and axles due to uneven bearing/truck contact zone.

In the Bushings department, Ace Trucks came through with a brand new formula for its AF1. Brand new bushing and washer shapes giving you more precision and suspension than ever before.


Ace officially added a 9.5 size truck to its AF1 line, for y’all big board lovers out there! The truck is also available for board sizes 7.75 to 9.5, tech skaters will be able to rock these just as much as the transition skaters or the all-terrain shredders.

The AF1 is also one of the first truck to make the sizing easy to find visually. With all these new trucks sizes, it’s important to see what you get and Ace made it more than easy. With the truck size lazer etched directly on its axle, you’ll never buy the wrong size truck ever again.

The AF1 Truck from Ace brings so much to the table, we could talk about it for ages! In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to try it out and see for yourself. Shop the Ace AF1s at the link below and go enjoy some of the best trucks you’ve ever skated.

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