The DC Manual - Low cost, high style, 100% eco-friendly

The DC Manual - Low cost, high style, 100% eco-friendly

100% eco-friendly silhouettes, more than affordable price, style for days and colors to match your own story. The new Manual shoe from DC is a revolution in the footwear department and the first step in DC’s journey to create smarter, cleaner, and more sustainable gear.

There’s no doubt about it, DC went all in with this brand new Manual shoe model and the best part is that while they are technologically advanced and 100% made from eco-friendly material, these are some of the most affordable shoes you’ll find at your local skate shop.

This shoe is also very easy to wear and features a pretty simple silhouette that can be adapted to whatever you’re feeling like wearing that day. Simplicity is what gives this shoe all its shine as it allows you to put your own personality into it and therefore, push your own story through this amazing product.

Among all the fresh colorways, two versions caught our attention, which are the Coffee Yarn Tan colorway and Burgerlords Red Colorway.

Why you ask? The answer is simple: Because the Canvas used for the Tan Colorway is made of recycled coffee grounds and the Red Colorway is backed by one of the most legendary and eco-friendly vegan food restaurants in the world, Burgerlords. Now let us dig a little deeper both of these stories.

RED COLORWAY – Endorsed by Burgerlords

This one is definitely one of our favorites. Not just for the bold and fiery color, but also for the story behind the shoe. As you might start to realize, DC aren’t playing around when they say the shoe is 100% eco-friendly. So much so they joined forces with Vegan restauration institution Burgerlords and made the red shoe their own signature colorway.

This is the story that’s being pushed with the Red colorway. A story about a group of guys wanting to make things differently all while doing their part for our environment preservation. As one of the original vegan fast food joint, the burgerlords people and the DC people have a lot in common, hence the collaboration. Both parties are thriving to do something different and to offer a product that doesn’t involve animal components and that limits the impact on our dear ecosystem.

The Manual Burgerlords colorway features a sleek vegan textile construction on a nice canvas silhouette with a rubber outsole. As simple as it looks, the shoe also features technical properties that makes it a real essential. For impact absorption and comfort, the Manual has Ortholite footbed cushioning insoles and for adherence, one of the grippiest outsole there is. With its custom DC pill pattern and herringbone tread pattern, the Manual’s outsole will never let you slip.

Click here to read the interview with Burgerlord’s founder Frederick Guerrero →

TAN COLORWAY - Coffee Yarn

We can’t talk about the DC Manual without mentioning the Coffee Yarn Tan Colorway, a silhouette made from recycled coffee grounds. In an effort to do their part for mother Earth, DC kitted the Tan colorway of the Manual with S.Café® Coffee Yarn fabric, a ground breaking innovation made from an eco-friendly 50/50 blend of cotton and recycled coffee grounds.

With the help of S. Café® technology, DC was able to turn dreams into reality by transforming one of the world’s most popular beverage into footwear. With a low-temperature, high-pressure and energy saving process, S. Café combines coffee grounds onto the yarn surface, changing the characteristics of the filament. The new material offers a drying time that's up to 200% faster than cotton. Also, the micro-pores on S. Café® coffee grounds absorb odors and reflect UV rays all the time!

How is that possible you will ask! Here’s how. The first step is to process and convert used coffee grounds to fibers. These fibers are used to create the yarn which are then woven into textile. The textiles features utilizes 6 oz recycled cotton canvas and S.CAFE yarns and is glued together using Water based glues. Additional properties of this cutting edge recycled material include odor control, UV protection, cooling and faster drying.

Do your part for the environment, drip style, pay less and push your own story with a clean and simple shoe. That's what the Manual from DC Shoes is all about! Click on the link below to shop.