The North Face presents the Extreme collection

The North Face presents the Extreme collection

The North Face marks this season with the Extreme collection, a powerful and colorful outerwear range that represents the beginnings of the brand. A nod to TNF’s OG Extreme collection from the 90s, this 2020 capsule is a must for outdoor enthusiasts who are living for the next big thrill, in the city or at the mountain!

Named after the first collection that hit the market back in 1988, the Extreme 2020 collection pays homage to the 90s and is highly influenced by the first high mountain alpine skiers who lived for the next thrills. In fact, The North Face basically began to stand out on the slopes because of this collection. Still very bold and colourful, this one is not different than the first one. The same controversial and functional styles from the original Extreme 1988 collection, but with a 2020 flavour.

Throughout the 1990s, the vibrant patterns, colors and designs in the Extreme collection not only provided athletes with high level and performance driven outerwear, but also responded to the needs of a streetwear scene in full swing, where colours and shapes were key elements of someone’s personality and taste.

The same pieces from the extreme 1990 collection and the color palettes from the archives are at the center of the brand’s new collection, which will be released in two parts. Red and blue hues are in the spotlight through the first "drop", available now. The second TNF Extreme drop, which will feature products in shades of yellow, black and gray, will be released on March 25. Check out our favorite pieces from the Extreme collection Drop 1 below.

92’ Extreme Rain Jacket

Inspired by the style rocked by Winter sports enthusiasts of the 90s, the Extreme waterproof jacket is essential for a humid day in the city as well as for a trip on the mountain during a warm and wet day. Not only is this waterproof and breathable jacket ideal for all eventualities, but its retro/modern look is perfect to never go unnoticed, wherever you’re going.

One of the important features of this jacket is its incredible waterproofness. Its waterproof fabric provides an impenetrable barrier against humidity and will keep you dry in any situation. In addition to being ultra-waterproof, the jacket is made of light fabrics that promote breathing, thus stabilizing the regulation of body temperature and ultimately, providing incomparable overall comfort.

92 Extreme Fleece jacket

The Extreme collection presents contrasting color designs, commonly known as “color-blocks”, which are inspired by the style we saw on the slopes in the 90s. The 92 Extreme fleece jacket has been adapted for Winter weather and will have your back when it's cold. Again, this one is Perfect for the city, but also great for colder days on the mountain. Under a good jacket, shell or windbreaker, this fleece is a winning option if you want to stay warm at all times. It's not complicated, this retro model will become your urban essential jacket for cold weather.

With its waterproof properties including its DWR finish, this jacket is not only water repellent, but also offers next level wind resistance, allowing you to stay warm. The jacket’s smooth material also allows you to keep a nice freedom of movement at all times.

The Extreme Hoodie

Always inspired by the original TNF Extreme collection and by the outfit we use to see on the slopes in the 90s, The Extreme hoodie presents emblematic color-block patterns that give it a totally vintage look, but with a modern touch. The Extreme hooded sweater has dropped armholes and a stitched satin logo for a vintage flavour.

Warm, comfortable and stylish, the Extreme Hoodie is impossible not to notice, at the resort's chalet between two runs, at the board games night with friends at the cottage of even in the city at your favorite bar!

Extreme Snapback Hat

This shallow Extreme snapback cap reflects the energy that animated riders in the 90s. A real collector's item with a vintage color-block design, it is also very breathable, waterproof and will dry with impressive speed.

Beyond its slick look. The waterproof fabric is an impenetrable barrier against moisture and will keep you dry at all times. Quick-drying fabric wicks moisture away from the surface where it evaporates.

Come see us in stores or visit us online to get a piece from this unique and limited collection. Remember, the second part of the Extreme capsule will be available later in March. See you soon!