The North Face redefines streetwear with 92-RAGE

The North Face redefines streetwear with 92-RAGE

You must certainly know The North Face for their technical and high-end winter clothes, but did you know that the iconic brand also excels in streetwear? The 92-Rage collection is the perfect example.

Vintage, modern and totally unique looks with heavily snowboarding inspired core. A collection that represents our era and the younger generation through a series of colorful pieces that are just as technical and functional as the classic TNF clothing we know and love.

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The North Face’s ’92 RAGE collection is a nod to snowboarding in the 90s. Designed with bold colors, loose cuts and vibrant graphics, 92 RAGE is basically a collection of urban streetwear in a retro style. The collection includes winter apparel and outerwear such as fleece, jackets, pants and hats to keep you warm on the streets of the city or on the slopes of your local mountain.

Beginning in 1989, The North Face’s Rage collection was designed to meet the bold attitude of snowboarding and the unique demands of theemerging sport. Designed and built to withstand the high demands of mountain trails, The North Face Rage was designed with the participation of the first snowboard athletes to bring the collection to the same level as their world-renowned alpine equipment, without losing sight of the rebellious aesthetic that characterized snowboarding at the time.

For our return in 2019, Rage draws on bold and original shades of color, loose adjustments and powerful graphics with a special streetwear collection that pays tribute to the roots of snowboarding. Authentically constructed and scandalously stylized.

“The 90s, especially the early 90s, are currently trending, but The North Face is still referring to that time, because many of our modern Icon styles were born,” says Darren Shooter, director design at The North Face. “Nuptse, Denali, Mountain Jacket and Himalayan Suit were all designed at that time, so whatever the trends, we will always have a strong connection with this period.” He added.

“We are a brand born outside and apply we this philosophy to all our clothes. Obviously, some TNF collections are more technical than others, but we always design our clothes to stimulate exploration, whether at the top of the mountain or in the streets.” Shooter said. “The clothes were designed and worked seriously to withstand the mountain conditions and fast and extreme movements imposed by snowboarding”

Winter items abound in a retro vibe, with vibrant colors and bold prints reminiscent of those of the ’90s. The unisex line will include jackets, sweatshirts, crew-neck sweaters, long-sleeved t-shirts and pants. In addition to the above, hats, various shoe options and a size bag have also been added.The entire selection of items has been created with the care of the details we love about TNF, only by adding an irreverent touch perfect to turn heads around you.

Now, in 2019, The North Face pays tribute to the bold spirit of the original 92 rage collection by relaunching a selection of clothing and accessories from the 92 Rage collection. The bold patterns, moldings and colors remain an essential part of the range, built into adjustments rooted in the rich culture of snowboarding.

On our menu, the Rage Retro Jacket, Anorak and Fleece are in the spotlight, each product being proposed in masculine and feminine silhouettes. Check out the rest of our selection in stores and online.

Take a look at the selection in stores and online!