FUTURELIGHT by The North Face - Welcome to the future

FUTURELIGHT by The North Face - Welcome to the future

Outdoor clothing just reached the next level with FUTURELIGHT, the revolutionary new breathable/waterproof material from The North Face. Believe it or not, some say it might even be the most waterproof and breathable material on Earth!


2019 is big year for The North Face as the iconic brand introduced its revolutionary new concept, a material that will change the foundations of the outdoor clothing industry forever. FUTURELIGHT is the future, a new material that offers levels of breathability that were impossible to reach before all while being incredibly waterproof. 


FUTURELIGHT is a truly revolutionary concept, bringing one of the highest levels of breathability/water resistance to the outdoor gear game. Before going into more details, let us explain what waterproof and breathable fabrics are and why you might eventually need them in your life.

To put it simply, the materials used to create waterproof and breathable clothing are actually porous membranes that block liquid while allowing water vapor to pass through, basically blocking water coming from the outside while allowing moisture coming from the inside to evaporate. 

The invention of waterproof and breathable materials has changed the way people live outdoors. Major players like Gore-Tex elaborated the pillars of technical materials and now, it’s The North Face’s turn to make history with its groundbreaking new FUTURELIGHT technology.


A fascinating element of TNF’s FUTURELIGHT technology is its fabrication process, which is just as revolutionary as the product itself. The brand ventured into a new path in the outdoor clothing department, taking inspiration from the medical and electronic fields with a fabrication technique called nanospinning.

This new process basically creates nano sized fibers that are linked together by lamination. These fibers then create the porous structure required for breathability while allowing a high level of water resistance due to the microscopic size of the material’s pores.

According to The North Face, this revolutionary and one of a kind process allows for incredible porosity while maintaining a tight seal, allowing air to flow through the material and providing greater ventilation than ever before. The garments are also softer and more confortable than ever before.

What’s even cooler about nanospinning is that it allows the fabric to be customized to more than one style of jacket. The North Face’s FUTURELIGHT can apply its technology on an ultralight jacket for running and it will be just as good as if it was on a thick backcountry oriented jacket. Ultimately, the fabric can be customized specifically for the activity or for the athlete who practices it.


Not only is FUTURELIGHT a huge advancement at the performance level, but the brand also claims that it will shape the future of outdoor clothing making on the environmental level. Just like every projects the brand works on, TNF puts a lot of effort in minimizing their environmental footprint while creating the highest quality products.

“FUTURELIGHT is the most sustainable garments ever produced by the brand through the use of recycled materials, non-PFC DWR, and working with partners who share a commitment to sustainability, responsible manufacturing, and eco-driven innovation,” said TNF in a recent press release.



All in all, the new FUTURELIGHT products from The North Face truly represent a revolution in the tech gear department. From the technology to the sustainability, the brand went all in on this one. Definitely a must for those who like high quality outdoor garments. COP YOUR PIECE IN STORES AND ONLINE NOW!