We are thrilled to announce that Bromont’s Nuits Blanches are officially back for another winter! Starting on December 26th, the ski station will be open late for a total of 8 fun and action packed nights all along the season.


With eight Nuits Blanches on the calendar, happening from December to March, we promise to keep you busy this winter by offering you the opportunity to test our new snowboard products for free.


Doesn't matter if it’s for your personal pleasure or to shop for your next snowboard, boots or fixations purchase, it is simply the perfect occasion to have some fun with your friends while riding some of the best products on the market right now.


Speaking of shopping for your next snowboard products, the Nuits Blanches events are the ultimate way for you to take the best decision possible regarding your next snow purchase  As snowboarding equipment can be quite pricy, the best way to know if you REALLY like what you invest on is to try it! As simple as that.

With the huge selection of products and the judicious advice from the reps on site, it wouldn't be surprising to see you find the board of your dreams during Nuit Blanche. Once you have tried the product, you will know if you like it or not and, as a result, your next snowboard investment will be 100% worth it.

Empire's Special Activation

For this year’s edition of the Nuits Blanches, we decided to organize something new for you. To keep it a surprise, we won't tell you too much about it, but we can still say one thing. Our special activity will be a game. A game you probably already know quite well. On the menu, guaranteed fun, attendance prizes, Empire items and several other surprises.

In addition to be able to try snowboard equipment from brands such as Burton, Arbor, Batalion, Lobster, Switchback, Gnu, Ride, Oakley and LibTech, among others, and to be able to ride one of the best mountain in the area until 11 pm for a reasonable price, the Bromont Ski Resort has also organized a bunch of other Nuits Blanches activities that will add spice to your winter.


Among these activities are Pop-Up Activities, DJs, musicians, challenges and courses, tasting of spectacular beers and a host of other activities awaiting you on both sides of the mountain. For a taste of what is waiting for you this winter, check out the photo gallery below.

For those who like to ride, this is a rendez-vous!