To avoid having to cancel your snowboarding Saturday following the announcement of a temperature of -40 celsius, it’s essential to know the secret that will allow you to never have to suffer from the cold: LAYERING!
Listen to the advice of the experts from Thirty Two to learn the ultimate technique to never feel uncomfortable while outdoor during our harsh Quebec winters.

Sure, we’re kinda use to it, we’re strong, we’re used to the cold and the northern winds that blow on our province from December to March, but there’s always that period of the year where we realize we’re not that resistant at all. So cold it surpasses our ability to cope with rough weather.

A day inside watching Netflix and playing video games can sure be an interesting choice, it’s true. That being said, if you’re like us and the Thirty Two crew and playing outside on a regular basis is much more important than watching the latest episode of This is us, this article is for you!

What is Layering?

Layering is also known as the onion technique, which has several layers. The goal is to be able to adapt perfectly to Quebec’s extreme temperature changes.

Imagine going snowboarding at -40, you will certainly be happy to have the warmest jacket you can find, but when the sun comes out around 1 Pm, you won’t want to spend the rest of the day in your damp coat that’s too warm.

Thirty Two have some of the best products on the market for all things snowboarding, including of course your essential layers. Stylish, warm, breathable clothing that cuts the cold, keeps you warm, manages moisture and allows you to really enjoy winter outdoor. 0 or -40 celsius, doesn’t matter!

1- The base layer

The base layer of a good layering kit should be light, close to the skin and made of synthetic materials like Polyester or Merino Wool (Avoid cotton!). This first layer is used for maximum heat retention and moisture management. At this level, the RestStop Raglan top and bottom from Thirty Two will do the job better than you can imagine. With its anti-sweat construction, comfortable 4-way stretch, incredible breathability and flat, non-abrasive seams, it’s the ultimate tool to feel fry and warm at all times.

Once the first layer is in hand, it is time to move to the second layer, or “mid layer” which is just as important as the base layer.

2- The mid layer

When we talk about layering, the secondary layer has a very special and, above all, very important role. It provides adequate insulation, meaning it’s the part that will keep you warm. It also represents the part of your kit that is easy to remove if the heat comes in the middle of the day. For your second layer, the experts at Thirty Two are proposing you one of the most comfortable and warm polar fleece on the market. Wool and down can also be a good alternative, but the fleeces are actually ideal for snowboarding.

The RestStop Button Fleece From Thirty Two is not just incredibly stylish, it is also really effective in extremely cold temperatures. With its 32 REPEL waterproof construction, the Reststop Fleece will manage to keep you dry and act as a wall for moisture, allowing your base layer to keep doing its job underneath.

3- Outer layer
Finally, to protect yourself from the elements, you need a third layer, the outer layer! With the base layer and the secondary layer, you don’t really have to aim for the warmest of jackets, you just need something that will complete the other two layer’s job. You need something that’s waterproof and that blocks the wind. Perfect, Thirty Two offers a range of jackets just as stylish and technically advanced as each other for the final step of the layering process.

Among our favorite models from Thirty Two: the TM20. With its wind proof double-shell construction, its fully waterproof sealed seams and zippers, its next level water resistance and some fleece at strategic spots on the inside of the jacket, you’ll be able to brave the most rigorous conditions like it was nothing was.

Pro secret: Control your sweating
Knowing how to listen to your body, in addition to wearing a good layering setup, is the ultimate key to never suffer from Quebec’s extreme cold. Why? NecausB your goal throughout your day or evening outside is ultimately to limit your sweating and to prevent moisture between your layers. When you feel that you are getting hotter, don’t hesitate to take a little break, to remove your first two layers and to let it breathe for a while. Give your body the time to go back to a stable temperature and moisture and get back to what you were doing!

It’s simple. Base layer for humidity control + mid layer for isolation + outer layer to block the cold and wet weather + listening to you body = GUARANTEED SUCCESS IN EXTREME TEMPERATURES!