The Skateboard Ranch - Quebec's next skate paradise

The Skateboard Ranch - Quebec's next skate paradise

Imagine a peaceful place where you can connect with nature, have a good time camping with your friends near the forest and lakes. A place where you can skate a flawless concrete park that's running through the woods. Ladies and gentlemen, discover Seb Petit's Skateboard Ranch, the first place of its kind in Quebec.

Photo: Sébastien Petit / Dan Mathieu

For Seb, the dream of every skateboarder has come true. Meet the mastermind behind the operation and discover his little paradise. Also make sure to watch the latest episode of his Youtube series!

Whatsup Seb!

Yo! Working hard over here! We have just received our hot water tank and our bath. I'm going to get a toilet later today. Things are moving at the Ranch!

You already live at the Ranch permanently?

Yes! We finished the rooms in the house so we've been there full time for a few weeks.

Where is the Skateboard Ranch located exactly?

In Nominingue, around 35 minutes past Tremblant. I have a 108 acres lot on the edge of a lake where I am going to build concrete skate facilities as well as housing and camping facilities.

How did you decide to start this project?

I've been dreaming of buying a property with a large lot to build my little paradise on for a long time. Concrete skateboarding facilities, lakes, nature, camping ... all things that I love a lot. About a year ago I finally decided to go for it and started looking for a property with a lot that’s big enough to make my idea reality. With the experience I gained with the construction of P45, my connection to the skateboard community and the general excitement towards skateboarding right now, it think was the perfect moment. I feel ready to face this major project.

What’s your vision? What will the Skateboard Ranch look like in 5 years?

First, there is a basic skate setup to build and some camping sites so that my friends and all those who want can come spend a day or a weekend of skateboarding and camping up North. I wish I could do that by next year. We will keep on expanding and building skateboarding infrastructure little by little and, once we have a pretty solid setup, I would like to start offering summer camps services and ultimately, this place could also become a training spot for athletes who want to practice on professional level facilities. That’s how I see it for now.

Some kind of Maximise for skateboarding?

A little, yeah, but my idea is different. For sure I would like the Ranch to be a place where athletes come to train, but I would also like it to be accessible to everyone. At the cost level and at the installations level.

Do you have any idea what the skate setup will look like?

There are several plateaus on my land, I would like to build the main features on all these flat areas and connect them with concrete paths that run through the forest. We'll start with a small and mellow bowl, then we'll expand it every year. Around the park, there will be campgrounds and cabins for those who want a more luxurious experience at the Ranch.

You're still at the beginning of your adventure, but we can already follow your journey on your Youtube channel (Skateboard Ranch). What made you want to start this in addition to all the things you have to manage on the Ranch.

I love watching Youtube channels of people who have projects like this one. Videos where we can follow them through the realization of crazy ideas. The Skateboard Ranch project is an adventure that I want to share with others. I decided to start my Youtube channel for that, to document it from beginning to end and to share it. From the purchase of the property to the construction of the park through the renovation of the facilities, the problems, successes and all that this dream needs to become a reality.

Follow Sébastien Petit through his adventure by clicking on the link below and book a weekend at the Ranch for next summer!


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