The Vans x Jake Kuzyk High Standard OG

The Vans x Jake Kuzyk High Standard OG

If you’re a snowboard fan like us, you’ll agree it’s impossible to not worship Jake Kuzyk. From the streets to the back country to even skateboarding, this Canadian powerhouse has been tearing apart everything in his path with style, grace and power for the past decade. It only made sense that a legendary brand like Vans once again graced him with his own signature boot. Follow our Instagram Stories today to watch our team live from the Vans x Jake Kuzyk Hi-Standard Pro launch in Vancouver, BC.

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When Vans Asked Jake what boot he would like to have his name on, they were not surprised to hear him say the Hi-Standard OG. One of Vans Snow’s all time best seller and a boot you can trust in every situation, this one matched Jake’s mindset, clean style and humble attitude just perfectly.

For those who don’t know, Jake Kuzyk is originally from Calgary and has been snowboarding at a high level for several years now. Tasteful trick selection, an eye for creativity, and effortless style… That’s Kuzyk in a nutshell.

“I like things with a simpler and clean design, and the Hi-Standard is a really attractive boot with solid construction. I look for consistency in snowboard boots, and I want it to feel the same every day for as long as it can.” Says Kuzyk.

What’s up with this boot

The Hi-Standard’s proven fit and flex are perfect for riders who prowl the urban landscape, tackle park terrain, and cruise heavy mountains. In line with Kuzyk’s ever-changing terrain needs

With the V1 UltraCush Liners, V1 PopCush Footbeds, and V1 Waffle Lug Outsoles, you are definitely getting the utmost boardfeel with unrestricted mobility. The Hi-Standard OG also includes key features like Vans Instep Lace Lockout and Internal Web Harness, PleasureCuffs for a cushioned, comfortable fit that keeps your calves supported, and the V1 Harness, which has been designed to ensure effective lightweight support and heel hold.

These all-mountain boots are for when you don't want to compromise comfort or support. A flexy material that wraps your calf muscle offers a cushioned, comfortable fit. Stocked with the V1 UltraCush™ liner and V1 POPCUSH™ footbed, the Hi-Standard OG boots are ideal for beginners who will surely benefit from all the support and vibration absorption these features offer. That being said, they can also adapt to the power and skills of a professional snowboarder like Jake Kuzyk. That tells a lot about the boots versatility.

V1 POPCUSH™ Footbed

Single-density POPCUSH construction with a 3-D molded anatomical shape, anti-fatigue coring design, airflow perforations, and a Nylex moisture-wicking topsheet.


Designed to allow for the cuff of the boot to adjust to all range of calf sizes providing a comfortable and forgiving fit.

V1 Harness

Attached to the inside shell of the boot, this is Vans' lightest and most simple harness designed to ensure effective support and heel hold by securing the liner to prevent movement.

Heat Retention 360°

All Vans boots feature a newly improved thermal retention layer that provides a 360° wrap of the toe box and between the outsole and the liner. This essential layer keeps heat in and cold out, ensuring all-day warmth and comfort.

Instep Lace Lock Out

Divides the lacing closure into two sections allowing the rider to adjust different zones of the boot to their preferred tension.

V1 UltraCush™ Liner

Vans' most flexible liner featuring an UltraCush interior cushioning layer, dual-density heat-moldable core, fleece cuffs and a comfort-flex toe box.

That's not all! In addition to offering one of the best boots on the market with one of the best snowboarders in the world’s name on it, Vans hooks you up with a Jake Kuzyk collection, including a pair of stylized Vans MTE winter boots, a MTE shell jacket that will keep you warm and dry in any conditions and a pair of Style 36 shoes with colors that match the Hi-Standard OG Boot.


The Hi-Standard remains one of the best-selling Vans boot of all time and with its legendary heritage and undisputed value in tow, it shows no signs of slowing down just yet. GET YOUR PAIR IN STORES AND ONLINE TODAY! WE PROMISE YOU WON'T REGRET IT!