There is not much we love more than receiving gear from a new brand in our stores. Our new baby: Theories Brand. After seeing their latest collection, we were very hyped on this brand's choice. The gear is definitely HOT!


In 2018, the hype for small independent companies is real and we are happy to be a part of the movement by supporting really sick little brands like Theories. To learn the epic story behind this skate brand and to discover the latest Theories collection, keep reading.

The beginnings: A skate and conspiracy theories website

The Theories brand started with a little known blog called Theories of Atlantis, an underground website about skateboarding and conspiracy theories. Theories of Atlantis has been launched mainly to showcase the videos made by Josh Stewart, creator of the brand and Static skate videos, and to highlight the underground skateboard video scene around the world. At the time of its launch a little over 10 years ago, the independent scene was indeed quite underground, and traditional media options gave very little attention to this side of skateboarding.

It's hard to believe today, but there were very few underground brands at the time. On the East Coast, there was Ricky Oyola's Traffic Skateboards, Coda Skateboards, and a new, tiny brand created by Jahmal Williams called Hopps. Before becoming a brand in itself, Theories of Atlantis was the official distributor of these underground brands.

A comments story

The Theories of Atlantis website has slowly grown into a community of skaters from every corners of world. With smart phones and social media platforms like Instagram still non-existent at the time, most skaters still visited Slap Magazine's message board to communicate with their peers and comment on various skateboarding related topics. At some point, part of the SLAP community started to head to the Theories of Atlantis comment section. Having more than a 100 comments on a random TOA message quickly became a common thing.  Especially if the infamous "Towel" character was involved.

"The Towel" was one of the dozens of pseudonyms used by Bobby Puleo, a legendary New York skater and Josh Stewart's good friend. Bobby first commented under different nicknames, each as bizarre as each other. Most TOA users didn't know who he really was. But once he started using the name "The Towel" and decided to stick to it, it soon became clear that Bobby was behind the pseudonym. The Towel started launching heavy personal attacks on Josh Stewart, who blogged under the name "Theorizer" at the time, and the ensuing debates between the two legends blew off TOA's comments section in a show of epic proportions. This whole thing helped put Theories on the skate map for sure.

After several years of distributing a bunch of underground brands and fueling heated debates on his website, Josh Stewart decided to create his own streetwear brand, the Theories Brand. Let us tell you that when it comes to skateboarding, the TOA guys's knowledge is deep. They have created clothes that not only adapt to the specific needs of skaters, but that are up to date and, above all, that are of exceptional quality.

From tees to jackets to pants, hoodies and longsleeves, it's obvious that the latest Theories collection was created by skaters, for skaters. In addition, with its East Coast origins, the brand offers pieces that are well adapted to our Quebec weather and seasons.

To chill in the park, skate through the streets of the city or have a drink at the local bar, Theories Spring18 clothing collection will certainly make people around you jealous of your style. Located right between streetwear, skatewear and fashion wear, the gear is just FLAWLESS.