Welcome to another edition of our Trick Tips presented by Vans! This week, we switch terrain and go from learning tricks on street obstacles to learning new tricks on transition. For the first ever edition of our Vans Trick Tip on transition, we chose one of the coolest looking trick: the 5-0 to fakie.

The 5-0 fakie on transition is a grind that involves only your back truck. After grinding on a transition’s lip with your back truck only, you will have to come out of the grind backwards, what is called “Fakie.”

This is a more advanced lip trick and it will help you to have basics like a Rock to Fakie and a 5-0 on lock. Make sure to try the 5-0 to Fakie in small transitions at the beginning and try to evolve from there.


For this edition of our Trick Tips Presented by Vans, we chose to wear the brand’s all new model, the new Tyson Peterson Wayvee! Designed to push the limits of style and progression, the Wayvee marks an evolution in skate performance with a fresh aesthetic inspired by Tyson’s unique approach to both fashion and skating. Known as much for his eclectic style and love of thrift stores as he is for his skill and creativity on the board, Tyson Peterson is a leader and true original, turning heads with his floaty skate approach that pushes the limits of what’s possible on a board.

Helping to push the limits of what’s possible on four wheels, the Tyson Peterson Wayvee is built with an all-new upper construction that incorporates reinforced translucent mesh quarters for maximum breathability, flex and flair.

Equipped with a DURACAP™ toe cap for durability, finished with an interior LuxLiner™ for a locked-in fit that lasts for the life of the shoe, and grounded on Vans revolutionary WAFFLECUP™ outsole that gives skaters the cupsole support they need and the vulcanized boardfeel they demand, the Tyson Peterson Wayvee is an all-in-one shoe that delivers unbelievable flex, incredible durability, and maximum impact cushioning—along with Tyson’s fresh design.


Although not an easy trick, the foot placement on the 5-0 fakie is pretty easy as you won’t need to pop or flip your board. As you approach the quarter pipe with enough speed to get on top of it, put your back foot in the middle of your tail, slightly closer to the bolts of your back truck and put your front foot in the middle of your board just below the front bolts.

With your feet placed like that, you’ll be able to lock your grind on top of the transition by putting pressure on your back foot when you reach the coping. You’ll also be able to direct and control the trajectory of your board with your front foot.


As mentioned earlier, you will need to approach the quarter pipe/bank with enough speed to get on top, but you will also need to roll towards the obstacle at an angle. That will allow you to grind and will make the “fakie” roll away much easier as you will already be placed at a nice angle when you get to the top of the quarter pipe. Now wait until your back truck reaches the coping and then turn your hips 90 degrees to lock into the 5-0 with your back truck.

Unlike 50-50 grinds, your body weight needs to be shifted only on your back truck. When turning into the 5-0, it is important to only turn your hips and leave your shoulders straight, this will help you to go Fakie. Make sure your shoulder stays turned forward, that way when the time is right, you can slide right back into the transition to fakie. If you go up on the ramp's edge and turn your shoulders toward the bottom of the transition, you'll end up going back down like a regular 5-0. We're trying to go fakie over here! 


This part of the trick isn’t that hard. As long as you keep your shoulders in the right position and hold your weight on your back foot, you should be able to go the distance on the coping before getting back into it to fakie. As mentioned, If you turn your shoulders too much forward, you won’t be able to drop in fakie and will get out of your 5-0 in the regular stance.

Another trick is to keep looking in front of you while you grind instead of at the bottom of the transition. If you do that and keep your shoulders tilted forward, you will be able to grind with the right stance to drop back fakie without problems.


This part is a little harder as it can be a bit scary to drop back in going backwards at first. Once you’re done grinding and you get to the drop-in part, shift your weight from the heel to the toes of your back foot and start to lean backwards down into the ramp to lift the truck of the coping. Once it’s done, start concentrating on that front truck.

The key is to hold your front truck in the air until it has cleared the transition’s lip on the way down. Once you’re sure that the front truck of your board has entered the quarter pipe or bank, you can be sure you won't hang up on the coping, you can gently place it back on the transition in order to roll away fakie. Bend those knees to absorb the impact at the bottom of the transition and roll away as smoothly as you can!

Now grab that board and go practice! See you at the skatepark!