Vans Introduces the Rowan Pro

Vans Introduces the Rowan Pro

After delivering three legendary video parts in the past two years  (Baker Skateboard’s Baker 4 and Supreme's Blessed and Candyland), it was only a matter of time before Rowan Zorilla would be awarded with his own signature shoe model from Vans. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the time has officially come! A new classic has been added to Vans' iconic shoe list: the new Rowan Pro!

The Vans brand is globally recognized for its classic looking skate shoes. Iconic styles that are perfect for skateboarding. That being said, it doesn't mean that Vans doesn't know about technology. In fact, the simple look on technologically advanced shoes is one of Vans' biggest trademarks.

The Rowan Pro is no exception. The brand even pushed its own limits for this model with extremely advanced technical points, which provide the shoe with increased durability, an unparalleled board feel and unprecedented comfort. The new Rowan Pro from Vans really is the best of all worlds!

For Vans enthusiasts, the Rowan Pro offers a silhouette reminiscent of some of the brand’s most beloved models, a higher version of the Old-Skool, a lower version of the Sk8-Mid and a front panel taking inspirations from the iconic Half Cab model. The heavy duty suede shoes have triple stitching in high abrasion areas and Duracap underlays to withstand hours and hours of skateboarding. The new Rowan Pro also marks the appearance of two new technological innovations from Vans: The SickStick outsole and the PopCush insole.

The Sickstick Outsole

The SickStick sole is made from an exclusive gum rubber compound that provides exceptional grip and incredible durability. If you like it “grippy”, it even seems that the SickStick rubber sole is the most grippy in Vans last 50 years of skate shoes history. Knowing that Vans got some of the grippiest shoes in the game, the adherence must really be off the charts!

The Popcush Insole

PopCush is a foam insole that offers a level of impact absorption that will make a big difference in your skating. Your feet will definitely thank you!  Other that providing superior cushioning, the insole also provides a high level of energy return, allowing the wearer to jump higher and land stronger without any harmful effect.

The clothing collection

The shoes are also accompanied by a cool selection of clothing that reminds us of Rowan's loose and easy to watch style. Ranging from a dark denim jacket and utility pants to long and short sleeve t-shirts with graphics created by artist Mike Lottie, the line represents the skater really well. A real breath of fresh air!

This shoe is actually one of the best Vans has ever made… And we know Vans has created some great shoes before! Try this one out, seriously. You won’t be disappointed.