Vans is proud to introduce the Lizzie, making history once again with the brand's first signature shoes designed by a Woman in 20 years!


Just like Vans, Lizzie Armanto grew up in Southern California and is the perfect embodiment of today's new generation of skateboarders. Being around skateboarders all the time in Santa Monica, she quickly fell in love with the sport and went to became one of the most iconic skateboarders of the last decade.

After quickly learning the basics at her local skatepark, Lizzie went to the Vans Park in Orange County and that’s when she really got the spark for skateboarding. After seeing riders rip the famous Combi Bowl and doing airs and handplants, she found out that skateboarding is really what she wanted to do. Fast forward to a few years later and Lizzie’s got one of the best handplants in the game and blasts massive airs in bowls and vert ramps.

After years of proving herself in the skate industry, Lizzie became the first woman to grace TransWorld SKATEboarding’s magazine cover and one of the first women in years to appear on the cover of Thrasher. That's huge! She was even the first woman to ride Tony Hawk’s infamous loop ramp. Let’s not forget that Lizzie also was a part of the select few to compete in Tokyo’s 2021 Olympic skateboarding debut.

Today, Lizzie is seen as a pioneer and role model all over the world, continuing to break new ground year after year. It was only a matter of time before Vans blessed her with her first signature shoe and we're happy they made it happen in 2022.


When Vans set out to create Lizzie’s first signature skateboarding shoe, the brand listened to her closely. What was her vision, what was important to her and what she needed to progress. The result is one amazing shoe that skaters all over the world will love to skate. The Lizzie provides a totally new silhouette that was created for a wider range of skateboarders whose needs are not being met.

To bring her vision to life, Lizzie worked closely with Vans’ Innovation and Product Development teams on a performance-fit molded directly from 3D scans of her feet. The first goal was to create a shoe that would represented her completely. From a slimmer fit tailored to her foot shape, to a leaner outsole for a closer connection to her board and improved flexibility. The impact cushioning in typical skate shoes left Lizzie feeling like she was floating above her board, so Vans listened to create a new lower profile footbed.

"I really enjoyed the process of creating a shoe from the ground up, I felt compelled to make a shoe that is simple, functional, feels good on your feet and has a bit of soul, and feel proud of what we were able to accomplish.” Lizzie said in a recent interview with Vans about her new shoe.

As Lizzie is also very aware of the environment and the impacts of shoes production on our dear planet, she was inspired by creating a shoe that would minimize said impact by using Vans VR3 Checkerboard Globe designation. This insures that the shoes followed strict footwear materials guidelines for all major components and has been designed and engineered to have a reduced carbon footprint compared to Vans’ canvas shoes.

Under the VR3 designation, The Lizzie will always be made in part with organic cotton, natural rubber and biobased foam. For its debut, The Lizzie also utilizes suede across the entire shoe sourced from Leather Working Group (LWG) tanneries that have been rated gold or silver for environmental responsibility. Last but not least, the Vans Lizzie also boasts eco-friendliness through the botanical print that can be found on the shoe, representing her love for plants.


On the technical level, the Lizzie features Vans best technologies, materials and construction, making it a true skate shoe that looks as good as it performs. The shoes feature a new vulcanized construction with a lower profile sidewall foxing tape, an exposed radiused outsole edge, and flex grooves for a stable, broken-in feel. This allows skaters to feel good on their boards from the first time they put their new Vans Lizzies on.

The universal fit features the perfect amount of EcoCush™ cushioning, increasing boardfeel for a wider range of skaters without scarifying impact protection. A new 3D Embossed DURACAP™ toe and Sidestripe has even more durability in high-wear areas, while an all-new micro-waffle tread and Sick-Stick™ rubber outsole offers maximum grip.

The Lizzie is finished with minimal detailing, including Lizzie’s signature initials on the exterior tongue label as well as her first and last name on the underside of the heel flaps, visible only when flipped up. Bright pops of hand drawn citrus and botanical illustrations on the shoe’s interior lining speak to Lizzie’s love of plants.

The shoes are available in 3 colorways that represent Lizzie to the fullest extent. With black, Rosette and Marshmallow versions of the shoe, there’s a color for all moods and days.


Of course, the Vans x Lizzie Armanto shoes offering wouldn’t be complete without a clothing assortment to go with it. In addition to The Lizzie shoe, the Vans x Lizzie Armanto collection features a head-to-toe assortment of apparel and accessories designed in collaboration with Lizzie that include a lot of perfect pieces for all your upcoming Summer skate sessions.

The Vans x Lizzie Armanto clothing line includes workwear-inspired staples like the Lizzie Armanto vest and Armanto skate chinos in burro, a knit tank in black, and short sleeve mini tee in melon, as well as a bucket hat in natural, crew socks in white, and waistpack in burro. The offering features the same citrus and botanical graphics tying back to her signature shoe.