It’s official! Canada’s own Breana Geering now has her own signature colorway on Vans and we’re beyond stoked to announce that we are one of the select shops to carry the shoes! Ladies and Gentlemen, the Vans x Breana Geering Era and Old Skool.

Breana Geering has been on the Canadian skateboarding spotlight for a while and it only makes sense that she now gets some well-deserved international attention. Not only Breana is a pioneer in Women skateboarding, but she has one of the best styles around, a deep bag of tricks, lots of creativity on and off the board and a next level manual game.

When we saw her skate at Empire Open a few years ago, we already knew that Breana would go places in skateboarding and we’re stoked it happened! On the heel of her official addition to the world renowned Girl Skateboards team, Breana now gets to have her own capsule from one of the most respected shoe brand in the business: Vans.

We wanted to know more about the inspiration behind the shoe and about Breana’s background, so we got in touch in the Vancouver local for a quick interview. Check out the Vans X Breana Geering’s shoes capsule above and at the link below and keep scrolling to check out our mini-interview with her!

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Hi Breana! First things first; when, where and how did you start skateboarding? Hay! Soooooo, I started skating in my driveway. I found an old board in my garage that belonged to one of my sisters, but she never used it. It was just sitting there so I started riding it around and started to try to ollie and stuff. I knew the basic trick names already Ollies, kick flips, blah blah. I got really into it first try and saved up and bought another Walmart board. Wood grain with black skulls on it. Can you explain how the Vans sponsorship came about? I was getting converse at the time and they were dismantling the Canadian team. They told me they were gonna put me on the American team but then all of them ghosted me completely. Gio over at vans was asking Michelle if I’d ride for vans and I was like yes! Then I sent Bob Lasalle this really weird email asking him to put me on the Canadian team. and they said yes. Haha When you first got on, did you ever think that one day you would get your own Vans signature shoes and apparel line? No, I definitely never thought that was a possibility. I’m truly honoured. 

How does it feel to see your name on footwear and apparel from one of the best skate brands out there? It feels fake! Too good to be true. Beyond stoked and grateful for it though. It was a fun thing to be apart of and its so cool seeing people I love and admire wearing something I kinda made. What was the inspiration behind your new Vans capsule? It’s funny because its nothing inspiring. I truly just sent in some doodles and talked to the design team about good places to put them, and then just picked colours I wanted for the shoes . Then asked for gator skin on the sides. You also ride for one of the sickest board brands out there: Girl Skateboards. Will we be able to skate a board with your name on it anytime soon? Let’s hope so ;) would be a dream come true!

How do you manage to skate and stay productive during a pandemic? I’ve been skating lots with a couple close friends in Vancouver. Just got back from a long filming trip in LA. Working on a new vans video! Any plans for 2021? Skate, spend time with loved ones. Hopefully we can get back to travelling very soon.

The shoes

The Era & Old Skool

Utilizing wearable colors but taking a forward approach with a nod toward gender neutrality, the Breana Geering Era and Old Skool delivers more of what Breana needs to enable maximum progression. Made with a fully revised uppers, molded heel counter, locked-in tongue straps, and a recut of the DURACAP™ underlay, the Breana Geering Era & Old Skool offers an essential fit that is more breathable and durable where skaters need it most.

The two-part foxing, featuring a tougher toe knurl, ensures heightened board contact, and the redesigned gum rubber sole that made Vans famous has been further elevated with the SICKSTICK™ rubber compound plus an internal heel shank to deliver more grip, more boardfeel, more support, and more durability. Along with a new sidewall finish, POPCUSH™ sockliners for superior cushioning and impact protection, and a sleek checkerboard flag, the new Breana Geering Era gives you the iconic look you want-with all the performance benefits that real skaters demand. It is made with suede and leather uppers and features a snakeskin emboss.


Check out the Vans x Breana Geering shoe capsule at the link below and stay tuned for the apparel capsule coming soon!

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