After the success of their very first skateboarding video (Propeller) in 2015, it was only a matter of time before Vans announced  a Full Length snowboard production. This full length is Landline, the very first major video production from Vans Snowboarding and, we truly hope so, not the last.


Featuring a roster of ultra-talented and next level skilled snowboarders, crazy spots from all over the world and crispy images that are worth seeing, Landline came to reminds us of how good a true and classic snowboard video is.


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In an era where you can watch everything on the internet, it's refreshing to treat ourselves with a video like Landline. Featuring a diverse lineup of riders including some of the world's best street and backcountry snowboarders, a fire soundtrack and a classic part after part presentation, Landline is the proof that you don't change a winning formula.

Everything about this new Vans Snow video is timeless, even the quality of the images.  know that Landline was mainly shot by video guru Tanner Pendleton in Kodak 16mm film, which also contributes to give it a timeless aesthetic. As for the snowboarding level, well, all we can tell you is that every rider went "all in" for this project, attacking some of the biggest street and backcountry spots ever seen. Yeah, unlike all the content we see on the internet every day and forget the next day, Landline is a video that will certainly remain engraved in snowboarding's collective memory forever.

All Landline riders are unbelievably good, but we obviously have a little something for our rider and good homie Dillon Ojo. It's nice to see a young guy from here go that far in the snowboard industry and for him to get a part in the very first video of a brand that's worshipped all over the world is something we are really proud of. Dillon's part is insane. He's got the tricks, the style and above all, he's really original. Attacking rails with weird shapes and multiple kinks, It's easy to see that Dillon has it when it comes to finding spots and figure out ways to ride them. Respect Dillon, we're proud of you!

The first and last part of a snowboard or skate video are always very heavy and Landline is no exception to the rule. Opening the video, Sam Taxwood is the definition of the ultimate all terrain rider while Jake Kuzyk, who gets the curtains, demonstrates his precise and laser-cut tricks on the biggest street spots imaginable. Those two parts alone are so good, you HAVE to check them out.

What's really cool though is that unlike many traditional snowboard videos, the parts in the middle of the video are just as good as the others. Often, the first and last parts are so much better than those in the middle that we forget about them pretty quickly, but not in Landline. Really, every part is good and worth watching.

From Jamie Lynn's, Bryan Iguchi and Wolle Nyvelt powder slashing to the urban destruction of the new Vans generation, Landline presents content that will surely please everyone. From powder freak OG's to metal hungry young riders, Landline is a real masterpiece.

The most important thing though is that Landline perfectly fulfills the prime mission of a good snowboard video: Make you want to go snowboarding. You want to test? Get your copy and GET HYPED!