You're a skateboard purist?  Volcom and Anti-Hero has got you covered with their all new collaboration collection. A selection of heavy duty clothes and accessories made for skateboarding that is worhty of those two legendary names.

Anti-Hero skateboards was founded in 1995 by two legendary skaters: John Cardiel and Julien Stranger. This fact alone explains why the brand is one of the best. With an alternative vision regarding the standards imposed by the skate industry, Anti-Hero has always been a brand that embody the « for skater, by skaters » Spirit.

After nearly 20 years of pure skate destruction, the brand was and is still considered as one of the most influential in the world of skateboarding.


And Volcom, as you probably know, is one of the most popular clothing brand in the world. Also displaying those anti-conformist values, the brand fits perfectly with Anti-Hero, but never had a collaboration collection together until today.

For Grant Taylor, the legendary Anti-Hero and Volcom team rider, the collaboration of these two brands is "obvious".


According to Chris Pfanner, Volcom and Anti-Hero rider, the two brands are made to be together: "These two brands are known to seek freedom and venture into the unknown."  To skate the spots in your neighborhood, your friend backyard pool or some dream location across the globe during a skate trip, the Volcom x Anti-Hero will always cover your back and with durability and style.

For those who worked on this collection, the guidelines were very precise: The products have to be built to withstand the destruction and prolonged bad treatment caused by skateboarding and need to with have sober look that represents the Volcom diamond and the Anti-Hero eagle.

Simple, stylish and durable. What more could you ask for?

Created for skateboarding

 The Volcom x Anti-Hero collection offers simple and modest gear that remind us the real definition of style. But more than the esthetics, the products are specifically designed for skateboarding.  A variety of classic quality products built to endure skateboarding that will make you look good at the bar, at school or even at work.

With resistant flannel shirts, pants in stretch fabric with ultra-resistant antibacterial properties incorporated into the textile fiber, thick quilted padded hoodies, military style jackets, backpacks, t-shirts and long sleeves as well as a range of accessories tailored to skate and travel, you will be able to shred for a long time without having to spend money on new clothes.

Judging by Grant Taylor, Chris Pfanner, Daan Van Der Linden or any other Volcom and Anti-Hero team riders, one can understand why these shredders require ultra resistant clothing. And if the Volcom x Anti-Hero collection is good enough to withstand the skating of these guys, it will most certainly withstand your skating too.


To witness more destruction from these skate beasts, take a look at  The Vickie Report, a video documenting the Volcom x Anti-Hero guys as they tear the city of New York apart with their timeless and iconic styles.

The Volcom x Anti-Hero collection will be available in stores and online very soon. Do not hesitate to contact us for information about the collection or to find the store near you.