Tough, durable and comfortable enough to withstand the professional skills of the Vans Skate team, the Versa 1/4 Zip sweater will take you where you want to go. Whether you’re a high-level skateboarder or just looking for an all around comfortable and classic shirt that will last you years, this classic sweatshirt will quickly become your best friend.
Photos: @danmathieu / @ryanlebel

If we told you that you no longer need to wear your old clothes during your skate sessions for fear of destroying your new favorite shirt. That you can actually do physical efforts in cool temperatures without having to endure bone chilling humidity inside your sweater… That the Versa Q-zip from Vans is a soft, strong and waterproof shield allowing you to avoid getting wet when the rain starts to pour. You would probably think we are exaggerating. Yet, that’s the Versa Q-Zip’s reality…

Not convinced yet? We tested it for you!

Just before the Empire Skate Team’s departure to Portugal last December, the good folks at Vans Canada were kind enough to provide Q-Zip sweaters to the Vans riders on the team, Phil Dulude and Kyle MacDonald. With a temperature ranging from 20 degrees celsius during the day and 8 celsius at night, rain from time to time, a high level of humidity and a lot of skateboarding , it was the perfect time to test the sweaters and see what they were really capable of.

After two weeks of wearing the sweaters and skating non-stop, here’s their conclusion on the Vans Versa Q-Zip:
Vans’ Versa Q-Zip was designed with the help of professionals skaters from the iconic Vans Skate team, which means that the garments are crafted with special attention to the demands of people who are putting their clothes through rough times every single day. The durability of a garment is an essential for the Vans team and the Q-Zip has perfectly demonstrated its toughness on the rugged spots of Portugal.

After two weeks of skating every day and putting their gear to test, the boys’ Versa Q-Zip sweaters were still in perfect condition. Phil says he even wore his during his Christmas dinner a few weeks later and he is certainly the one who skated the most during the trip! The Versa’s fabric is thick and is made of premium quality yarn on its face side to resist abrasion and anything that may damage your favorite shirts during skateboarding or in your everyday life. It’s totally true, despite its high level of robustness and proven resistance to rugged Portuguese terrain, the Versa Q-Zip is smooth enough to go from the skate session to the family dinner. Now, that’s a great investment!

Water proof:
The Vans Versa Q-Zip, though made of cotton and polyester, uses a truly unique cotton finish called STORM COTTON that, like a raincoat, repels the water that comes into contact with the garment. Yes, you heard it right. The Versa Q-Zip is very waterproof. It didn’t rain a lot during our trip, but let us tell you that when it did, the Versa Q-Zip came in handy. While everyone was soaking wet and freezing to death, the Vans riders were able to stay surprisingly dry, warm and always ready to get back on the board. This must be the reason why these guys seemed to skate a lot more than anyone else during the trip.

We can already hear you say: “A sweater as thick, solid and tough must be very hot?” Yes, indeed… but that does not mean you will be too hot when using it, even during intense physical exertion. Seeing the guys keep their Versa Q-Zips between sessions while the others were drying their humid hoodies on the van’s seats proved it to us early on the trip! That’s right, this Vans classic sweater offers raw durability, but also offers a level of breathability we rarely see in other garments of the same kind, allowing to stay dry inside as much as outside.

Versa Q-Zip Sweater from Vans isn’t a Vans Pro team and Vans Canada team favorite for no reason. The shirt really is next level, all while keeping the same timeless Vans aesthetic we know and love. If you like technical, comfortable, versatile and useful clothing that will last you for years, you just found the sweater you need.