More than 20 brands on site, countless exclusive snowboard products for you to try and a mountain in front of you. You can imagine what’s going to happen next. Ladies and gentlemen, we cordially invite you to the Empire Super Demo !


The event will take place on February 25th at Stoneham and March 25th at Bromont and will be synchronized with the upcoming Empire Games.

We've talked about it a lot in the last few weeks, but for those who don’t know yet, the first edition of our 2017 Empire Games - a Monster Energy and Burton Snowboards presentation in collaboration with Oakley and Volcom - will take place at Stoneham station on February 25th.


 Although this extremely unique event is worth talking about, today we chat about the Super Demo, an event of it’s own that is also very complementary to the Empire Game. More information and details about the Empire Games course and how it’s going to unfold will be available shortly.


The Empire Super Demos are a success every year. In addition to being an excellent motivation to go out to hit the slopes or to socialize with your friends at the bottom of the mountain, it’s your chance to find the snowboard of your dreams.

Even if you get the best technical explanations from our advisors, buying a snowboard in a store unfortunately doesn’t include a product test.


When you buy a car, you’re allowed to try it out to see if it’s the right fit for you. The Super Demo is our way to give you a snowboard testing facility. It’s simple, You try as many products as you want to maybe put your finger on THE exact gear you need. The snowboard and bindings that feel the best under your feet when you ride.


Since the products featured at the Super Demo are exclusive and will only be released next year, you will have time to think about your next snowboard purchase and most importantly, to stack some money for the board that gave you the best time at last year’s Super Demo.


The Brands

Burton Snowboards, Oakley, Ride Snowboards, Rome Snowboards, YES. Snowboards, CAPiTA SNOWBOARDING, Union Binding Company, Lib Tech, GNU, ARBOR SNOWBOARDS, NOW Snowboarding, Jones Snowboards, StepChild Snowboards, Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards, Fix Binding Co., ThirtyTwo, Dragon Alliance, Electric, Nitro Snowboards, Bataleon Snowboards, Lobster Snowboards, DC Shoes, Vans

Not just two or three companies, the Super Demo is more than 20 of the best snowboard brands at the bottom of the slopes allowing you to try their latest innovations. Advisers, technicians and specialists will be on site to talk to you about the products, set up the boards you try, and last but not least, party with you all day !


Rendez vous at Station Touristique Stoneham next february 25th at 9am!