Earlier this week, we presented you our favorite snowpark boards, but that doesn’t mean we’re just about the park. Mountains fans out there, we didn’t forget about you. For those who like it all terrain, here are our three favorite all-mountains boards for 2018.

AAAYEE! We've just been receiving a bunch of snowboards and it might be the last time this year. Whatever kind of boardin’ you’re about, we've got loads of insane shred sticks for you to choose. Have a look at our brand new selection and read on for more details about the three all-mountain boards that stood out the most to us this year.


Le Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Dagmar

An awesome board signed by an awesome rider. Newly arrived in store for a second time this year following the great demand for this brand new all mountain war machine, the Jamie Lynn Dagmar board brings together all the elements that this snowboard legend expects to see on his stick: a perfect balance between all types of terrain.

With its C2 Rocker hybrid contour, edges that dig trenches in the snow and a Dagmar style floating nose, this board will give you a smooth ride experience, but just aggressive enough to give you a powerful feeling at the moment of carving.

The board also features a very sturdy and sustainably harvested wood core and amazing eco-sublimated graphics (no hazardous waste produced during printing) from Jamie Lynn himself. Enough flex for tricks, but enough sturdiness for heavy riding. Basically, as long as there is snow, The Lib Tech Jamie Lynn Dagmar will cover your back!


The Nitro Team Exposure

Another new one from Nitro. The second position of our all-mountain boards top 3 is occupied by their Team Exposure, THE Nitro board for those who love snowboarding in all its forms. With a graphic Inspired all the creative ways to capture experiences through photography, the brand's most reliable all terrain snowboard will allow you to create your own experiences and enjoy them just like they should be enjoyed!

With its Sintered Speed ​​Formula HD base, its directional twin profile and its mellow yet aggressive edges, this board really is for all types of terrains. As pretentious as is sounds, this board already has best shape ever. The only way to improve Nitro’s popular, versatile and reliable TRÜE Camber is to add beautiful graphics. Which they sure did.

The Team Exposure displays stunning artwork of art by Lorenz Holder, a world-renowned photographer who has projected his art on the top sheet of the board using the old school technique of Sun Printing (using the sun to develop the picture). Now it's up to you to go out and create your own artwork, in the snow!


The Burton Custom

The Burton Custom is known as the most popular, versatile and imitated all mountain board in the history of snowboarding. For real, since 1996, the Custom keeps its #1 place in the field thanks to an effective combination of traditional design and technical innovations that created this light, dynamic and incredibly versatile board.

The board has a classic snowboard shape that concentrates dynamism on the heels while giving you plenty of floatability, fluidity and control on all terrains and in all conditions. The camber, on the other hand, offers an energetic suspension, a uniform weight distribution along the entire length of the board as well as edges offering a high level of control from the heel to the toes.

Available in two versions this year, you'll have the choice between the precision and stability of the Custom Camber and the power and floatability of the Custom Flying V ™, offering the best of both worlds. Whatever your ride style, there is a Custom made for you.


Whatever your snowboarding preferences, we have the board you need and the experience to help you find the perfect shred stick! Come see us in stores or visit us online and, for real, see you on the slopes!