You heard it right, TAKING ADVANTAGE of the heat wave is definitely possible. All winter, we complain that it's too cold and we have to stay inside... We should be happy when it's really hot and possible to just go do something outside without worrying about it being too cold.

The best way to enjoy the insane heat: Find a good old waterfall! To simplify your life, we have listed our 3 favorite spots so you can transform those days of overwhelming heat into hours and hours of refreshing fun in nature!

In addition to being highly refreshing, waterfalls provide a feeling of well being that's ideal for all those who would like to relax and disconnect from the reality of work and the fast pace of the city for a few hours.

To discover the best swimmable waterfalls within 2 hours of Montreal, read on!

The Monte-à-Peine Waterfalls


The Monte-à-Peine Falls are probably the most popular in the region. Quite populated during the weekend, these falls are accessible by three entry points in three different towns: Saint-Jean de Matha, Sainte-Béatrix and Sainte-Mélanie. Our favorite location: The Saint-Jean de Matha entrance. We like this one because of its jumpable cliff with an easy access from the top! Access to the site and parking will cost you about $ 10, but you'll see, it'll be worth it. Get a good tube of sunscreen, a bathing suit and a towel and get ready for hours of fun in the river's swirls as well as on the hot rocks on which you'll be chilling all day. 

*** Always be careful when venturing into any river. Stay aware of your surroundings, swirls and rocks and you should be good to go. ***

The Saint-Alphonse Rodriguez/Saint-Come Waterfalls


The falls of Saint-Alfonse Rodriguez / Saint-Come are the most secret of this list and also the most quiet. You will sometimes see people, but most of the time, you will have the place to yourself. The only problem of this fall: you really have to know how to get there to find it. Let us help you out.

First, click on the map link above and drive to the Pin (the end of Chemin des Hirondelles) and park where you can. Walk to the very end of the street, look slightly on your right and you will see a small entrance to the forest. This is the path that will take you to the falls. Keep in mind that the river will be on your left hand side when you arrive, so always follow the path that goes to the left. After a quite sporty 15 minute walk, you will begin to notice that the ground turns into rock. It means you arrived at your destination! Walk along the shore to find a spot and enjoy the water and the sun for a day that will make you forget the heavy city heat!

The Sainte-Marguerite Waterfalls


Located on the edge of the Petit Train du Nord in the Sainte-Adèle region is a small oasis of peace and refreshment named Sainte-Marguerite Falls. The only negative point of these falls: it takes a 30 minutes walk to finally get there. Same to get back, obviously. Believe us, this hour walk is well worth it! Beautiful falls, rocks to jump, a natural Jacuzzi and mellow swirls... Your day at the falls will certainly be successful if you decide to hit Sainte-Marguerite.

Sainte-Marguerite Falls are safe enough to bring young children, so don't worry about venturing into the water. One thing you have to remember though: You must know how to swim to get where the water is deep and moves quickly. Even if the spot isn't really dangerous, it's swirls are powerful enough to unbalance those who are less comfortable with swimming. Regardless, there are several other spots around the waterfall where the water is shallow and where beginners will be able to appreciate all the freshness of the river water.

Don't forget to bring everything you'll need before getting to the spot, because once at the falls, you won't want to go back to the car. Take a look at our checklist to make sure you don't forget anything next time you jump on a nature getaway.

Sun Screen

Beach Towel

Water bottle



Confortable bag


Have a good swimming session!