Surf inspired boards shapes, flashy clothes, vintage look; Retro fashion is lit right now. To be at the avant-garde of the next snowboard trends,  here are three snowboard models with totally old school shapes that will give you a hell of a style while you're cruising down the mountain this winter.

Gone are the days when snowpark laps defined whether a snowboarder was good or not! Today, we approach snowboarding in a completely different way, the riders sail the mountains, just like in the 80s and the early 90s.


And as the approach to snowboarding changes, fashion changes as well. Hence the return to the roots which has resurrected the vintage trend from the shadows.

At the forefront of this retro wave in the snowboard world, surf and vintage boards inspired shapes built to adapt to that new flavor in snowboarding as well as to endure the needs of contemporary snowboarding.


Keep in mind that even though snowboards have a retro style, they are still built with actual technology and technicalitie, only they have a shape adapted to the flavor of the day. The best of both world.

 The Nitro Cannon Quiver Series X Poler 154

This surf inspired snowboard is made for slashing big powder. You never see big wave surfers bring out their short boards for the big waves, same goes for snowboarding.


The Nitro Cannon is equipped with Cam-Out Camber to keep you in control on the deepest of pow days. No matter where you are or how deep it is you will be the most prepared guy on the mountain on any powder day.

The Capita Spring Break Slush Slasher

The Spring Break Slush Slasher by Capita is the ultimate party board and represents exactly the new wave of actual snowboard riding. With it’s special features and unique retro shape, you will bring the party to the mountain whenever you go there.


To add fun to the thing, the snowboard displays fluorescent colors so you never have to look for it during a busy day at the resort or after a few pints at après-ski. Last but not least, the snowboard is equipped with an alloy metal plate at the back, just so you can make it sparks sparkle.

The Burton Throwback 130

Super-limited and a ton of fun, the Burton Throwback is a replica of one of the first snowboards ever made, the Burton Backhill 1981. With five layers of wood, two rubber stomp pad and a next level vintage look, it is the perfect example to demonstrate the return to the sources we are actually going through.


Whether it's to add to your vintage snowboards collection or to go for riding, the Burton Throwback is offered at a more than reasonable price considering it’s limited edition and legendary history. It may not be the most technically advanced snowboard on the mountain, but be assured that the Throwback will still hook you up with good times this winter.