Think about it, we're not even in February yet... The snow season is far from over. In fact, it has just started. If you haven't already done so, this is the perfect timing to get a fresh board. No problemo, we have one of the most diversified and specialized selection of snowboards in the country!


Today, our attention is set on one kind of snowboard in particular: The snowpark board. If tearing up your local snowpark is what you expect to do this winter, we encourage you to keep reading.

The Beast from Nitro

Created by the best park riders in the world, the Beast from Nitro is the new guy in our stores as well as our top snowpark board pick at the moment. Inspired by legendary snowboard pros such as Eero Ettala, Marcus Kleveland, Sven Thorgren and Torgeir Bergrem, the Beast is one of the most progressive boards for the snowpark on the market right now. Lightweight performance, insane pop and professional caliber durability, the Beast is not named like that for nothing. The board's a real Beast.


On the technical level, Nitro came through with a new shape this year, the TRÜE Cambered Twin Freestyle, which offers the support and precision needed for world-class park snowboarding. Railkiller Edges are ideal for sliding and pressing without taking away the ability to carve on the snow. The Sintered Speed ​​Formula II board base provides a smooth ride feel and the ballistic impact zones make this board virtually indestructible. It's simple, if you want the best, ride what the best riders like the most!


The Kink From Ride

Our second pick is a real classic when it comes to park snowboarding. The Kink from Ride Snowboards! The Kink is built for those who really like to shred all day in the snowpark. With it's perfect flexibility and it's hybrid camber, this board demonstrates that total satisfaction on a snowboard can only really be achieved with a good level of control. The hybrid camber gives you a perfect dose of nose and tail response for a smooth feel at the touch points and most of all, this shape gives you all the pop and control you need when you jump, slide or do any other move that's popular on the slopes today.


The steel edges of the board (Cleave Edge) are 50% thicker than the standard steel edges and are combined with our famous SlimeWall technology.  Other than being one of the best for sliding and jumping, the Kink pushes snowboard durability to a new level. Get one of these if you want to keep the same board for a long time. Always a Ride Team's favorite, this board will make it easier for you to push your progression on jumps, rails or in the street. Go ahead, abuse of every obstacle you see around you! The Kink can take it!


The Bogart from Dinosaurs will Die

 Finally, the last boards of our selection comes from Dinosaurs Will Die, a smaller brand that always delivers high quality products we really like. We know you might be thinking the Bogart is part of our top three snowpark boards pick only for its incredible graphic. It's not true, but lets say it helps. For real though, to destroy the rails, jumps, boxes, hips and all the other obstacles you can find in a snowpark nowadays, you can fully rely on this board, it has been created exactly for that purpose.


Winner of a Goodwood Award in 2016, this board got named "King of the Snowpark" and still carries that moniker today. Pretty simple, the bogart has everything a snowpark board should have. It is very flexible, has a twin shape and a flat type of camber to help you press and slide with ease. All that, with a graphic that gives this board a very spectacular look. Want to improve your skills in the park AND have a board that other people will for sure notice, well, try this one out!