5 perfect hiking spots at less than 2 hours from Montreal

5 perfect hiking spots at less than 2 hours from Montreal

To stay fit for your upcoming skate days or simply to take a little time out to go outside and breathe fresh air, hiking is one of the best outdoor activities to practice. It's cheap, it's a great way to exercise, to connect with nature and above all, to achieve a certain inner peace that only the forest and walking can provide.

Unfortunately, many people who have little or no hiking experience are often reluctant to try a new trail, thinking it could be beyond their physical abilities. The reality is that the hike is not just for experienced outdoor adventurers: it's for everyone, and it's something we can all benefit from. 

Our beautiful province of Quebec offers many hiking options, from easy to moderate all the way to advanced. Whether they are in huge national parks or off the beaten track, these hikes are guaranteed fun for all skill levels.

Take a look at our 5 favorite local hiking spots and go enjoy nature!

 Mont Orford National Park

The beautiful natural beauty of this national park is worth the trip, not to mention everything else! Less than 1h30 from Montreal, Mont Orford Park is full of breathtaking scenery, trails suitable for all levels of experience and also a host of beautiful swimming areas and a waterfall as relaxing as fun. If you want to go hike this weekend, Orford is a choice you will not be disappointed!


Mont Sutton

More than 80 km of trails = 80 more reasons to go hiking! About an hour's drive from Montreal, the Sutton area is ideal for any off-road adventures. Mount Sutton, known for its magnificent panorama, lush forest and multiple waterfalls is a unique place where, once at the top, you will see of the most beautiful views you have ever seen! For all you experienced hikers, it is even possible to participate in a day of hiking with camping at the top. Beginner, intermediate or advanced, Sutton is a dream spot for hiking.


Parc Regional Des Sept-Chutes - Saint-Zénon

As its name suggests, this park has seven waterfalls to discover, and you will not be disappointed by the completely incredible views and well-groomed trails that connect them together. This park located about 1h30 from Montreal has all types of trails that will appeal to hikers of all levels. If you are a beginner, no problem! There is fun waiting for you at 7 chutes. If you want a hike with a little more challenge, there are also options that will certainly meet your needs. In the end, the whole point is to have fun and enjoy yourself!


Mont Saint Hilaire

At approximately 40 kilometers from Montreal, you will find more than 25 kilometers of trails as well as 4 peaks to climb for an unparalleled panorama. The place is beautiful all year round, so if you like to hike during the winter, here's your spot.  For all you nature lovers, there are several types of trees to watch as well as a lot of different species of birds. They even got a mobile application to help identify them! For hiking or just to get lost and enjoy its mellow wildlife, Mont Saint-Hilaire is a sure bet. 


 Pink Lake Trail in Gatineau

For the last hiking spot of our list, we're heading to the Outaouais region! Although this hiking trail is about two hours from Montreal, it deserves a place on this list because it perfectly bridges the gap between an easy level of hiking and incredible views that will make you appreciate all the beauty of nature. We particularly recommend the Pink Lake Trail for its accessibility for all hikers. It's simple, this spot offers so many breathtaking views at every corner, you'll want to take your time to finish your hike or even go back another day to see all there is to see there.


 See you on top of the mountain!