A sandal specialist who knows how to design high quality boots is rare, but it exists. This is what Reef proved us with their latest selection of  fall/winter shoes and boots. Stylish, warm and comfortable, your pair of Reef boots will without a doubt become a must  this winter.

If you think that wearing boots during the winter is not cool, we’re sorry to tell you that you are totally wrong. With Quebec's brutal cold seasons, boots are not only good to have, they are essential. No problems! This winter, Reef has your back with a brand new selection of boots as stylish as they are effective.


To avoid getting to school with wet socks or going to work with slushy pants, Reef offers a series of elegant and technical boots for men and women. When you'll arrive to your next appointment with dry and warm feet, we'll see who’s cool and who isn’t.

Reef’s mission is to create innovative and comfortable products inspired by a free and open-minded culture. With a series of technical and durable winter footwear models, Reef simply invented a new way of wearing boots.


A comfortable technology

 To get through the cold season softly, Reef presents a robust series of high quality leather, suede or canvas boots with technical details that will allow you to dominate the snow, the rain and the cold without even realizing you are wearing boots.

Other than their sturdy uppers, most boots insoles are equipped with the brand's signature Swellular Technology; a super soft foam insole for instant comfort, A mid-density midsole for durable support and a high-density rubber outsole with threads that mimic the movement of waves in the ocean allowing a better traction, protection and durability.

Featured models

The Reef Rover Hi for men

From the cabin to the mountain, the new Reef Rover Hi Boot is a fashionable mens boot with premium full grain leather upper and upgraded detailing featuring Reef's signature Swellular Technology for an improved comfort, support and traction. With it's rugged sawtooth Swellular outsole, you won't even notice when the ground gets slippery.




  • Premium full grain leather upper
  • Upgraded detailing
  • Compression molded triple density construction
  • Comfort support and traction
  • Rugged sawtooth swellular rubber outsole

The Swellular Hi for women

 This fashion-forward women's boot is made with premium waxed canvas upper for added robustness. Featuring the Reef signature Swellular Technology for ultimate traction as well as a compression molded triple density construction for instant comfort. Wearing boots has never been this easy and nice.




  • Reef Signature Swellular Technology
  • Superior Traction
  • Swellular Technology. Comfort | Support | Traction
  • Premium Wax Canvas Upper
  • Rugged Sawtooth Swellular Rubber Outsole
  • Compression Molded Triple Density Midsole Construction