Winter is not a reason to forget that we love warm weather. In fact, it's the perfect moment to escape the cold and for a couple of days and head south in search of beaches, waves and sun.


For this winter to be as warm as you need, Reef presents it's all new Rob Machado collection; sandals for those who are constantly looking for adventure under the sun.

We can already hear you say, "It's wintertime, what's the point of buying sandals?" Or "It's boots that I need right now», but if you think about it for a quick second, what you really need is to eascape to some hot and tropical place. In this case, yes, getting sandals becomes a must.

To feed your need for an adventure, Reef introduces it’s all new Rob Machado collection, a selection of sandals as easygoing and stylish as the man himself.


Designed to endure all of your surf travels with added comfort and support, the Rob Machado Sandals are always ready to follow you in all your spontaneous surf trips, whether it’s in Tailand, Central America, California or somewhere else in the world.

From sunrise to sunset

The new Reef Rob Machado collection offers sandals that will follow you from the morning to the wee hours of the night. The Machado Day is lightweight, easy to wear and designed to withstand the water of the ocean; the ideal choice for the warm days looking for some swell at the beach.


For your trip in the city after a day of surfing or to watch the sunset on the local terrace, the Machado Night is the ideal sandal for all your evening good times. With a  premium quality full grain leather upper and insole, comfort and elegance will accompany you everywhere.



Built to meet the severe demands of a true surfing legend, the Rob Machado sandals features top of the line comfort and unmatched cushioning. Just like Machado himself, these sandals are clean, simple and made for performance.


To see how the Reef Rob Machado sandals have been made and to learn more about the model, take a look at the video above.

To witness the quality and comfort of the sandal in it's natural habitat, watch the video above, a shor film starring Rob Machado and Shane Dorian while they explore Maui’s Hana coastline untethered from today’s amenities.

With only the guidance of the Machado Sandal. The waves weren’t perfect at all times, but navigating a tropical coast with just yourself and your best bud is the kind of trip that makes you appreciate the surf lifestyle and that keeps us Just Passing Through.