Whether you want to enjoy the waves on the East Coast of the United States or walk in the hot sand of a tropical island, being well equipped on a trip is essential if you want to have the time of your life.


To fill your need to own clothing and accessories that will make your life easier during your adventure, here are five travel essential items for women, courtesy of Amuse Society.



Some tank tops

There will never be enough tank tops in your luggage when you go on a trip. Forget the many layers that we are used to wear in Quebec and get ready to be at ease in one of the tanks that Amuse Society offers you. Simple, light, soft and comfortable, you will feel free as a bird when you wear them. For a long walk on the sand or a happy hour at local bar, the Amuse Society Tanks are a must for your next sun getaway.


A warm shirt

Before Leaving, remember that even if your traveling days are supposed to be hot, nights can sometimes be very cold. To avoid feeling cold during an evening on the moonlit beach, owning at least one warm sweater is essential in any adventure. It’s perfect, Amuse offers a choice of long sleeves sweaters and knits that will keep you warm in case of unexpected cold.


A skirt

Not having a skirt while traveling is like going swimming in the sea without a bathing suit; It’s possible, but to avoid if possible. To quickly slip over your still wet swimsuit after a day at the beach or simply to go out in town on a hot evening, the Amuse Society skirts will make you feel light, comfortable and stylish no matter where you are going.


A dress

The experienced traveller girl knows that having at least one dress is an absolute must in any adventure abroad. For a dinner at the beachside restaurant or for a date night in the city with your new crush, the light and sexy Amuse Society dresses will allow you to feel sophisticated without having to hide your free spirit and the tropical aura that your trip is giving you.


A day bag

Because your suitcase is too big to drag it with you throughout your trip and your handbag is too small to put everything you need for a day at the beach, a medium sized bag that can fit in your suitcase when empty is essential when traveling.

To store your beach towel, lunch, sunscreen, drinks and spare clothes for the end of the day, Amuse Society offers bags that, with an ideal size for your everyday activities, will allow you to never have to worry about the number of items you want to take with you during your daily escapades abroad.