To satisfy your need to skate this summer, here are four new concrete skateparks  that are worth the ride !

We can agree that our city is not THE most developed in terms of outdoor skateparks, but we have to recognize there has been a lot of improvements in the past couple years. We don’t have a concrete plaza in the heart of downtown yet, but lots of good concrete skateparks are popping up around the city.

To make it easier for you next time you want to hit a new skatepark, here is a detailed review of four of our favorite spots, all within 30 minutes of Montreal.



Pointe-Aux-Trembles' new skate plaza is the second well designed skate plaza on the island, after Verdun. And when we says « well designed », it’s because its conception almost perfect. Other than one or two annoying little details like the slightly uphill run up for one side of the park, the place is an infinite source of fun.  With all the obstacles a skater needs to have fun, like rails, gaps, bowls, transitions, manual pads, ledges and more, this park is seriously worth a go.




Even though the Fontainebleau skatepark is the furthest away from the city in this list, it is by far the nicest. Pretty small, but with all the necessary obstacles for a good skate session, you won’t need to worry about choosing what to skate. The park has nice lines and the location of this brand new concrete park, built in the middle of a wooded area, gives us the impression of skating in deep nature. And landing a hammer in the peaceful quiet of a coniferous forest can be very nice.




The Repentigny skate plaza has been built a few years ago, but its design still makes it one of the best skateparks in the region, and probably the biggest. Designed in partnership with Empire rider Charles Deschamps, the park is created for skaters, by skaters. With banks and transitions, a vast street section with flat ledges, manuals and banks for technical skating as well as a rails and steps section that will really prepare you for the streets, Repentigny’s really easy to skate all day without ever being bored.




The Verdun skatepark is the first real legitimate concrete park built on the island of Montreal. With a multitude of obstacles that will appeal to all levels of skating, the park is so diversified that choosing the obstacle that you want to ride can sometimes be a headache. Apart from its somewhat cluttered design, all the ingredients are present to make this park a place where you won’t be bored. Located near a metro station, the park is easy to reach and thought out to please all types of level. If you are experienced, we suggest going early in the morning or later in the evening, because during rush hour, the overcrowded park can be very difficult to ride.