We already told you a thousand times that we were really, really hyped on the upcoming snowboard season. It's because it's true!! And for so many reasons... Among all the things that make us eager to go for  a good slash in the snow is the new chairlift at one of our favorite ski resorts: Bromont, montagne d'expérience! With millions of dollars invested in a brand new, ultra-fast and hybrid lift called L'Express du Village, you'll definitely be on the slopes more than at the bottom! 


The most annoying thing about of ski resorts is the chairlift's lineups. When you come to wonder if it's really worthwhile to wait 30 minutes in line at the bottom of the slopes for a ride that will last one-tenth of that time, it's because there's a problem. Bromont is already a good mountain on the wait aspect. With its multiple lifts and its different sides, queues are often endurable. Now imagine with the new Express du Village, a high-speed hybrid ski lift combining 8-seater gondola and 6-seater seats!


Express du Village :

- A capacity of 3 220 people per hour. - 72 x 6 seaters. - 18 x 8 seaters gondolas. - 1 gondola for every 4 seats. - 4m25s to reach the summit. - 55 seconds less than the old chairlift.

The old chairlift :

- 108 x 4 seaters. - Capacity of 2 400 people per hour. - 5m21s to reach the summit.

To be honest, no other chairlift can compete with l'Express du Village at Bromont!


In addition to the new high end chair lift, a host of other improvements are planned for Bromont. The project named "Altitude" is organized around two distinct development poles: The Mountain and the Summit. Read on to find out what Bromont, montagne d'expérience has in store for you for the next couple of years!

The mountain

Customers will quickly benefit from the planned improvements with the replacement of the main chairlift with a 6-seater high-speed ski lift, also equipped with 8-seater gondola lifts. This new hybrid-type ski lift manufactured by Doppelmayr will be installed in the coming months to be in service from the beginning of the ski season 2018-2019.

In addition to this important investment is the improvement of lighting and snowmaking systems.

The summit

Responding to the many requests of its customers, Bromont also announced the beginning of the construction of a chalet with an outdoor terrace at its summit! Work will begin in the fall of 2018 for an opening scheduled for the winter season 2019-2020. This new building will provide an incredible view of the Eastern Townships and will certainly become a must for anyone who prefers their lunch break to be preceded by a riding down the slope and not going up!


"It is with great enthusiasm and joy that we welcome this excellent news to the City of Bromont," said Bromont's Mayor  Louis Villeneuve in a recent press release on the Altitude project. "For the Bromontois, the mountain is their playground, their decor, their way of life. An extraordinary symbol of belonging, a mountain inspiring the pride of our citizens, "he continued.

Looks like we're not the only ones who are hungry for some snowboard action!

A perfect addition for all riders who, like us, think only about one thing during a day at the ski resort: Get to the top of the mountain as quickly as possible to be able to go down it as many times as possible!

On this note, we encourage you to come see us in stores or to check out our online store to make sure you have everything you need to have the best snowboard season ever.

See you on the slopes!