Jeff Brushie is a legendary snowboarder and Burton, a legendary brand. We are proud to announce the arrival of a limited run of reissues of one of the most epic signature model from the brand:  the iconic Jeff Brushie Trout Board, from 1993.

After causing a real stir amongst the snowboard collectors by dropping 4 Jeff Brushie Trout Board on the market last year, Burton decided to launch, in honor of this true snowboarding pioneer, a limited run of the Burton Brushie 157, better known as the Trout board.

For those too young to know who Jeff Brushie is, do your homeworks! To give you a clue, he is a real snowboard pioneer and style guru that kinda created the style we see in snowboarding today. Part of the top 5 best snowboarders in the world and halfpipe world champion in the early 90s, Jeff Brushie was one of the first superstars in snowboarding.

To learn more about this legendary snowboarder, check out the video above.

Like the man, the Jeff Brushie signature products were always coveted and still stand among Burton’s best sellers. Especially the Trout Board, which features what is considered to be one of the most influential graphics of all time.

A Vermont Native, Jeff  Brushie has been a Burton athlete since the very beginning of the brand. Although he now lives in San Diego, he's still snowboarding for fun.

The trout graphic on top of the board was created to give a "Vermont" feel to the product. The fish skeleton underneath the board was created to give the snowboard a skateboard style graphic.

Reinventing Old School

The best part is that the reproduction of the iconic Trout Board is virtually identical to the first edition from 1993. Some details, however, have been added to allow a construction that meets the level of progression in  actual snowboarding. With the same OG shape and a better construction, the reissued Brushie has a stiffer flex, holds a better edge, and has all the pop snowboarders need in 2017.

The reissue will be a directional, cambered all-mountain freestyle board, with a relatively narrow waist (248mm) and offered only in 157cm length, just like the OG Trout board.

Another obvious change compared to the original is the Channel binding system, but otherwise the shape looks true to the OG Jeff Brushie 157 board.

Last but not least, Burton took the time to reproduce the same exact topsheet and base graphics for the reissue, just to stay true to the original board. A great timeless graphic for a timeless snowboarder.


  • Bend: Camber

  • Shape: Directional Shape

  • Flex: Twin Flex

  • Core: FSC™ Certified Super Fly II™ 700G Core,  Dualzone™ EGD™

  • Fiberglass: Triax™ Fiberglass

  • Base: Recycled Sintered WFO Base

  • Mounting: The Channel™

  • Features: Squeezebox,  Super Sap® Epoxy,  Pro-Tip™,  Infinite Ride™

  • Warranty:  Burton's 3-Year Warranty

As the Burton Jeff Brushie 157s will be available soon and in limited quantities, we know that they will sell like hot cakes. Stay informed regarding the arrival of the Trout Board reissues so you don't lose your opportunity to own one of these real pieces of snowboard history.

Get in touch with us for more information about the board and the arrival of new Burton products.