The second edition of the winter 2017 Empire Games / Superdemo took place last Saturday, March 25, at Bromont, montagne d’expérience, and this time around, the weather conditions were on our side. With a light snow accumulation from the day before, our brand new and customized course and all the riders who showed up with enthusiasm, the signature Empire Games event was another big success !

As soon as we arrived in Bromont’s parking lot, we could already feel a sweet party atmosphere. Near the main chalet stood several tents where reps from multiple brands   were standing, ready to make people try their latest products during the Empire Superdemo.

After crossing the Superdemo site, we could finally see the legendary Empire Games Bromont course in all it’s glory. With it’s multiple jumps, pockets of all sizes and both perfect and absurd obstacles, the course seriously made us want to try it along with the athletes registered in the contest. Big thanks to the guys at Today's Parks for their hard work and for providing us with a course that exceeds the standards we know today in the snowpark business.


The competition

It was with great passion that the Bromont Empire Games riders dropped in on our fresh customized course to warm up their legs before the contest. It was impressive to see how quickly the participants got used to the unique obstacles we put in front of them. All seemed to have a crazy amount of fun carving, jumping and slashing through the course.



  • 1 - Jason Dubois
  • 2 - Felix Dallaire
  • 3 - Fred Lacroix


  • 1 - Mathis Berthiaume
  • 2 - Christophe Guertin
  • 3 - Charles Morency


  • 1 - Claudia Biron
  • 2 - Claudia Georgeff
  • 3 - Samantha Secours

15 and under division

As usual, young riders weren’t afrait to show us their high level of talent, impressive despite their young age. It was reassuring to see the youth gliding through our course as if they had done it all their lives. The next generation of snowboarders is on point and the future of this sport promises to be brilliant.


At the end of the competition, it was Mathis Berthiaume who took the first position, followed by Christophe Guertin taking second place and Charles Morency in third.

Women Division

Once again, the women stood out during their session at the Empire Games Bromont. It’s truly nice to see how fast women snowboarding is growing up and how good they are getting year after year.


After leading a more than legitimate battle, it was Claudia Biron who took the first position, followed by Claudia Georgeff and Samantha Secours for the second and third positions, respectively.

Open Division

The last and most important division of the Empire Games was so good intense that the judges were standing on their chairs throughout the whole competition. Punctuating their runs with technical and impressive maneuvers using our courses special features, the riders showed us their ability to adapt to different terrain with a maximum amount of style and skills.


After leading a chills inducing battle, Jason Dubois cleared the Finish Him Obstacle first and went home with the $ 600 cash prize for 1st position. In second position, Félix Dallaire, who earned himself $ 250 and in third, Fred Lacroix, who got his hands on a respectable $ 150.

We would like to thank our partners : Monster Energy, Burton Snowboards, Volcom and Oakley as well as the boys at Today's Parks, the brains behind the Empire Games courses. Finally, we would also like to thank Stoneham and Bromont ski resorts for welcoming us with open arms this winter. Thank you to the riders, spectators and to all the people who worked on making the Empire Games another success in 2017.