Two riders, a funky course, a draw to determine which one of the two sides of the course the riders will choose and let’s GO! Welcome to the first edition of the Empire Games 2017, which will officially take place at Station Touristique Stoneham, starting at 9am on February 25th.



Although the concept is quite unique, the goal is pretty simple :  Cross the finish line before your opponent and score points using the course’s obstacles. Speed, technique, balance, power, ability to jump and style are skills that will ensure a better performance on our completely unorthodox course.


Before going into details, make sure you check out the schedule below, so you won’t miss anything from this action packed day.


  •   9 am : Opening of the Super Demo Exhibitors' Village
  • 10 am : Opening of the course / free practice
  • 11 am : Junior category competition
  • 12 pm : Women's category competition
  • 1 pm : Expression session and course maintenance
  • 2 pm : Open competition, wave 1
  • 3 pm : Open competition, wave 2
  • 3:30 pm : Semi-finals (32 participants)
  • 4:15 pm : finals (8 participants)
  • 4:45 pm : Podium     

The course

Divided into ridiculously fun sections, our course will surely take you out of your comfort zone and satisfy the biggest thrill seekers out there. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s what’s waiting for you on the Empire Games course next february 25th.


The Tandem Turn :

Tight carves on identical wavy and raised platforms on which you will need to ride in synchronization.

The In n’ Out Bunker :

A large mount of snow with a "bunker" on top of it. If you feel flexible enough, you can go underneath it, but if you prefer, you can also simply jump over it using the jump that will be set up in front of the bunker.

The Rewind :

A quarter pipe that will make you go back up. Followed by another quarter pipe that will redirect you almost instantly down the slope.

The Slash  :

Small pockets that will satisfy all your slashing desires. The smaller and harder they are, the more points you get.

The Rocket Launcher  :

A huge snow wave with two jumps on each side of it. Fly on top of the wave from the jump for more points or slash its sides if you need to win some time.

The Finish Him  :

To finish the race with a bang, a flat box on which you must slide to validate your run. Add a trick for extra points.

More details about the course’s obstacles will be released later this week. Meanwhile, take a look at the photo gallery below for some Empire Games inspiration.

See you at Stoneham on February 25th!